9 of the BEST Disney OFFERS on Amazon right now!

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Does anyone else have the feeling that the holidays have slipped?

Holidays in the Magic Kingdom

How can Thanksgiving week be ?? We’re starting to feel very backward on our holiday shopping lists and we’re willing to bet some of you are too. So we’ve found nine of the BEST Disney deals on Amazon right now to help you get started making your Christmas gift lists.

With the arrival of Black Friday, you will have many options to save money on all the gifts you plan to buy this year. But if you’re looking for some Disney gifts right now, you can still get very good deals! First, we found this Princess Celebration Castle, located in 4 feet high and has 3 stories i 6 different rooms.

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The castle comes with furniture such as “a dining table and chairs, bed, sink, bathtub, sinks for bathroom and kitchen, stove, chandeliers and even a sofa that becomes a swing.” And the best part? With the push of a button, Music will sound and you can watch a fireworks show in the window above!

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This house usually costs $ 149.99, but you can get it $ 119.99 now.

Click here to buy the Princess Celebration Castle

When your whole family comes down to your house for the holidays, you can have it the Villainous board game to entertain everyone, in the style of Disney villains. This strategy game includes villains like Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent and more like main personages.

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It was voted “Game of the Year” by TOTY in 2019, and you can already get it for sale. It usually costs $ 39.99, but you can get it $ 16.99!

Click here to buy the board game Villainous

If you have one Star Wars-familiar or obsessed friend, we think they will love it the Mandalorian LEGO set which includes the Mandalorian and the Child. This set has 295 pieces, including a pair of weapons like the Mandalorian blaster.

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The set is usually $ 19.99, but you can get it $ 11.99 now.

Click here to buy the LEGO Mandalorian set

Or, for the Avengers fan in your life, we’ve found it a LEGO Black Panther set this is part of the Infinity saga. This set includes the Black panther dragon flying ship, and comes with figures for Black Panther, his sister Shuri and an evil warrior Chitauri.

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You can get it Set of 202 pieces per $ 15.99, which is less than its normal price of $ 19.99.

Click here to buy the LEGO Black Panther set

Sometimes, with gifts, simple is better. We found some delicate Minnie Mouse earrings made with native gemstones. You can choose the gemstone for your earrings, so get the stone that matches your month of birth or just choose the color you like best.

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Earrings usually cost $ 50, but you can get them $ 25 now.

Click here to buy Minnie Mouse Birthstone earrings

There are even more options for a Disney-themed jewelry set like these Mickey and Minnie Mouse mismatched stud earrings, which includes both Mickey’s adorable button-down pants and Minnie’s iconic polka dots.

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Earrings usually cost $ 50, but you can get them for just that $ 18 now.

Click here to buy Mickey and Minnie earrings

To get the perfect gift to put under the tree (or maybe to ask Santa!), Take a look at this scooter Minnie Mouse Huffy, Which one it can be converted from a 3-wheel scooter to a 2-wheel scooter as your child gets older and learns to balance with it.

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It has Minnie Mouse designs and polka dots on the handlebars, and you can also adjust the handlebar height. The scooter is usually $ 54.99, but is now on sale $ 45.98.

Click here to buy Minnie Mouse Huffy Scooter

But if your child prefers bicycles to scooters, there are good deals too! We find a Huffy Frozen children’s bicycle that has removable drive wheels and an adjustable seat. The bike is 16 “tall, and is intended for children between 4 and 6 years old.

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But what your kids will really love is coils hanging from the handlebars, el handlebar basket, and the snowflake designs inside the wheels. The bike is usually $ 229.99, but you can get it $ 128.35 Right Now.

Click here to buy the Frozen Huffy bike

As you’re decorating the hallways, you may find it’s time for some new Disney ornaments for your Christmas tree! We find a set of three Disney princess porcelain ornaments with Cinderella, Snow White, i Beautiful.

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The set is usually $ 130, but right now it is $ 41.73.

Click here to buy the Disney Princess Ornament Set

Hopefully this will help you get on some of your holiday shopping lists! Follow DFB for more updates and tips as the holiday season continues at Disney World.

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What Disney item do you plan to add to your cart? Let us know in the comments!

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