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Although the hurricane season is coming to an end in Mexico, the rapper Scholars Her new album wowed her fans Hurricane Which, after much anticipation, is one of the most relevant hip-hop releases of the year.

To celebrate this launch, Spotify has announced a Album experience Hurricane, Where Aleman shares from the studio Step by step disk creation, Share some song features and unpublished content.

Hurricane The load comes with national and international cooperation, e.g. Snoop Doug, Cypress Mountains, Nicky Nicole, Cartel From Santa And Reels B. “It’s a hurricane born out of my will to break it, to put Mexico’s name at the top of the rap world,” Aleman commented on the album. “It is born of the desire to destroy everything, there is no obstacle in front of you.”

Spotify has made four videos, in which Aleman describes the hurricane’s passage to Mexico with four songs from the album. “Tocando Tierra” is an introduction to the album and a testament to the power of their live show. Introducing “Satanas”, he says it’s a song dedicated to his car, a lorry, and one of his favorites. “Grylls” is a love story shared with Nicky Nicole. And about “green, white, red,” the rapper said: “It’s a track I made for my entire race. Mixture. It represents the force that Mexicans must always move forward, no matter what the circumstances. “

A force of nature, Spotify has over 4.9 million monthly listeners, and through this album he demonstrates how to collaborate and enhance the hip-hop scene in Mexico.

“For me, a hurricane is something that has always been in my life. It means fighting and facing any force. This album is the biggest thing of my career, it contains everything I dreamed of in one album.”

Listen to the Huracan album experience Here.

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