Original stage adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” headlines new live entertainment exclusively aboard the Disney Wish

Over the weekend, attendees at Destination D23 had a look at two exciting new entertainment offerings that are being developed for Disney Wish. Today we reveal even more details about these spectacular original scenarios: an innovative Broadway-style version of “The Little Mermaid” by Walt Disney Animation Studios and a boarding day celebration led by Captain Minnie, Goofy and a cast of stars. of Disney and Pixar characters, plus a first look at the new pirate deck party that will arrive on our newest Disney Cruise Line ship next summer.

A Treasure Retold – ‘Disney The Little Mermaid’

“Disney The Little Mermaid” will be an original Broadway-style stage adaptation of the well-known 1989 Disney animated film developed exclusively for Disney Wish. During this unique theatrical production, the audience will rediscover the iconic scenes, acclaimed music and beloved characters of “The Little Mermaid” while living the story like never before.

In this current narrative, the curtain will rise on an enchanted treasure chest the moment it is discovered by a group of narrators, led by a special young woman who has the power to unlock her magic. As they discover the whozits and whatzits hidden inside the trunk, the narrators will take on the roles of Ariel, Ursula, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Flounder and more, giving life to the immersive underwater world before the eyes of the guests. They will give their own contemporary twist to the timeless story of a young woman’s search for independence, love and a place in the world.

“Disney The Little Mermaid” will feature innovative theatrical design, dazzling special effects, artistic choreography and a reimagined script and score that will amaze and delight guests of all ages.

  • New orchestrations of favorite songs like “Part of Your World,” “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and “Under the Sea” will delight audiences with moving ensemble pieces and impressive production numbers.
  • Unexpectedly fun stage designs and state-of-the-art video projections will transform the Walt Disney Theater into a 360-degree underwater environment.
  • The contemporary and interpretive costumes will reflect the show’s unique combination of a modern setting and a mystical and fantastic story.
  • Avant-garde puppets will animate fantastic sea creatures and characters such as Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle and Flotsam and Jetsam in a way never seen before.

A boarding celebration: “Disney Seas the Adventure”

On their first night aboard this enchanted ship, guests will embark on a musical journey to some of their favorite stories during a spectacular original musical, “Disney Seas the Adventure”. When Captain Minnie gives the helm to his beloved friend Goofy, he will sail into unknown waters on a journey to discover his own inner captain. Along the way, Goofy will meet a group of bold, brave, and brilliant friends from Disney and Pixar who encourage him to lead with his heart through exciting renditions of iconic Disney songs.

  • Tiana will teach Goofy the power of hard work to make a dream come true during an animated performance of Disney Animation’s “Almost There” from “The Princess and the Frog.”
  • Goofy will sail into the great blue ocean where Crush and Squirt, the tubular turtles from Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” show him as “Go with the Flow” in a high-energy production of the song that fans will recognize from “Finding Nemo” “. The Musical ”at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • In an exclusive original arrangement of this show, the heroines Elsa, Moana and Mérida will perform a powerful potpourri of “Let it Go”, “How Far I’ll Go” and “Touch the Sky”, encouraging Goofy to go to the unknown.
  • When Goofy loses his way and self-doubt takes over once again, he will have the courage to “Go the Distance” with the help of Hercules and a series of heroes from various Disney movies.

The adventure will culminate with a cavalcade of characters who will join Captain Minnie and Goofy on stage during a grand farewell before taking guests out of the theater and into the Great Hall for an unforgettable farewell experience: the “kiss of good night “final to close the first day of the guests. on board.

Emblematic pirate night with a touch of rock and roll

Disney Cruises, Rejoice! On a special night of each trip, guests of all ages can put on their smartest pirate costumes and head to the upper decks to enjoy a rock and roll extravaganza, just like anything else on high. sea, with fireworks in the sea as only Disney can do. do – during a new interpretation of our celebration of the night deck.

Hosted by Captain Redd, a descendant of the famous red-haired rogue from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park attractions. Pirates ‘Rockin’ Parlay Party will feature live music, remarkable stunts, special effects and lots of surprises. Throughout the party, she and her band of buccaneers will perform famous radio hits of the genre, as well as a rock performance of the classic pirate tune “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)”.

When Redd gathers a fearsome council of captains, including the famous rogue Captain Jack Sparrow, they will unlock a glowing treasure that illuminates the night sky: a fantastic fireworks show underlined by an original arrangement of the sensational soundtrack of Walt Disney Studios “Pirates.” films in the Caribbean ”.

With all these amazing new entertainment experiences, don’t you think our collection is complete? Well, I’m excited to say that there will be even more Disney Wish family fun on the way … stay tuned for the next update!

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