Thierry Henry and Matthias Martin explain how Spotify’s original podcast “The Last Day of Maradona” will impress football fans around the world.

In November 2020, the world lost a great footballer: Diego Armando Maradona. The death of the iconic Argentine footballer has shocked sports fans around the world and left many questions.

Now on Spotify’s new original podcast, Maradona’s last day, Is discovered by investigating what happened in the last days of the star’s life. The six-episode audio-series, which premieres today, provides an in-depth look at how Maradona died, an interview with people close to him in the days leading up to his death.

Also, the audio-series was converted into six versions for fans around the world, the first time that Spotify wants to create and publish such numbers simultaneously. Each edition has its own presenter who goes to the investigation, led by Adon Media and with Spotify Studio, to tell the story in Diego Maradona’s own words. Argentine journalist Matthias Martin Maradona presents the show to audiences in his home country Argentina; Former footballer and coach of Argentina George Valdano Tells a story for a Spanish and Latin American audience; Brazilian journalist Kfouri game Takes a Portuguese turn; Actor Salvatore Esposito Joins to talk to fans in Italy; And finally French professional football coaches and former players Thierry Henry Takes French and English versions for France and UK.

For the record He had the opportunity to talk to Thierry Henry and Matthias Martin about Maradona, who played a special role as their personal hero.

Read on for our interview with Thierry and Matthias on podcast adaptation and hosting Maradona indefinitely.

Maradona’s last day It is an investigation into the death of an Argentine football star. Do you remember where you were about a year ago, when you heard the news?

Matthias Martin:Yes, that’s right! While I was broadcasting, my radio show started at 1:00 PM. The first news of Maradona’s death came at about 1:10 PM, I had the publicity and we saw it at the beginning of the show. I start to breathe for the news and say “we’re waiting for it to be denied or confirmed but something very important has happened that we can’t avoid, we can’t comment.” I opened the program and in minutes it was confirmed. I ended up thanking him because what happened was publicized. It was four hours of catharsis, I talked, I cried, I was worried, I was emotional, I was sorry, I remembered … the four hours that my program lasted. It started with the news and stopped what we were doing and kept the songs representing Diego. They had four hours to do a program, luckily I think it was even better, because I got home and was blind three hours later.

Thierry Henry: I was in Montreal when it happened. I remember I started getting some text messages. Although I knew something would happen to Maradona sometimes, the first time I heard him, I said “No. Maybe he went to the hospital. But it happened before. But it’s not true … He’s not dead.”

And then obviously you get two messages, you get four or five and then you see it on BBC News. And then you see, then you realize, it’s obviously real this time; He’s not coming back. And it’s gone.

What was your reaction when you were invited to present this podcast research?

Matthias Martin: I was surprised. First, because I was not a consumer of the news of his death. I was very sad when he died, but many needed to find the culprit, even the word ‘murder’ was heard and I, who have seen Diego very badly in the last 20 years, loved watching his best plays. When I got together to talk to Spotify, they told me that the focus of the podcast was on the last year and a half of his life and that it was back in Latin America and in the public eye. In addition to the last days and responsibilities, we were also reminded of the human part of Diego: I threw myself in my head, I felt very comfortable.

Thierry Henry: Being associated with it – wow. After all, this is a great opportunity for me to do something new. When I found out it was an investigation, it made me even more interested in doing it. I am the narrator, but I never heard what happened next. I haven’t even heard of it yet. I wanted to live it, like everyone else. I wanted to know completely for the first time.

This is the first Spotify original podcast that has been converted into 6 simultaneous shows, most of them with a different host, all in a different language, produced for fans in the world market. How does it speak of Maradona’s legacy?

Matthias Martin: I think his legend continues to grow. What it creates and what it continues to create is fascinating. It contains a huge dose of news, with Diego as the protagonist in what will happen tomorrow – anyone uploading a photo with Diego, the champion of the Champions of Libertadores. For adaptations, it’s incredible that it’s all over the world, the idea originated in Argentina: it’s an Argentine podcast, with a script made in Argentina, so I recommend this version. Each region has its own podcasts, but any user can listen to the Argentine version. In Argentina it is not necessary to explain much that for the French or English market, for example, yes. There is something about Argentina that Diego, so connected to Argentina and so its source, that I recommend!

Thierry Henry: That Maradona. That’s all. You know, people want to know about him even after his death and what happened and it will last forever. We won’t be here and people will keep talking about Maradona. That’s how it is. Not so much about how great he was on the pitch, it was about people being able to relate to him. And I think that’s one of the most important things. And that’s why people want to know what happened. Some will tell you that he was close to God. Some people tell you that he is God, you know? That ‘wow’. For some people, it’s real. The passion that gave me, as I said, is not a fan of Argentina. But if you love football, you must be a fan of Maradona.

For those new to the world of football or Maradona, what do fans want to know about the late star?

Matthias Martin: Maradona is a character who came from the lowest to the highest. He never forgot his source, never gave up the fight against the powerful and the beneficiaries. Being powerful and privileged, his life is a permanent conflict. It has a very valuable human aspect that the podcast also reveals, it is valuable ..,

Thierry Henry: Obviously, this is Maradona’s last days, so people will immediately think, “Oh my, what a life,” because he had a problem, we all know. But who has no problem? Apparently with him, he maxed out and had a way for everyone to see. However, his relationship with the fans is not behind anyone. A lot of people are remembered because they want things, because they were animals, because they were, you know, people who say “I’m never afraid.” But the most important thing for me is that people can get to know him. Whether you have the money or not, you can get acquainted with Maradona.

There is a story of a homeless man who went to his funeral. And someone asked, “Why are you here?” And he said, “Maradona was the only thing I had.” I can’t say more than that.

What are you most excited about taking fans home with this podcast?

Matthias Martin: The audience will have access Diego’s human record. He had little detail and gestures with unknown characters. To him they were with ordinary characters, with whom he was in a prison, those small dialogues and gestures of Diego seem to me to be the little gems that provide podcasts.

Thierry Henry: The truth. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. You’ve got real dates, real text messages. You can stop if you want. And it’s not just sad things and sad times. You have a moment when you reconnect with his family.

People sometimes see athletes as the untouchable type, who have no problems, who have no feelings. I just want to remind everyone that everyone is human. So I want to say this because sometimes people approve of it. They see someone perform and they say, “Oh my God, what a rock. The man is never afraid. “If so. But when he has to act like everyone else, he acts. What you see is a person who has to come, act and compete, but never forget that he A man like any other person.

Listen Maradona’s last day Starting today, only on Spotify.

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