What’s new at EPCOT: a Mickey Meet-and-Greet is back and the Festival Festival stands are here!

There is so much to see and do around EPCOT.

Let’s go to EPCOT!

We are constantly looking for any NEW merchandise, activities, construction, food, etc. in the parks, and today we bring you all the latest news from this very popular park!

EPCOT food updates

The Cava del Tequila

At The Cava del Tequila, we saw a mezcal screaming Common wild

Do you want to try?

… And a tequila called Curamia they are now being served.


You can stop by La Cava to see what new drinks are available during your visit!

Click here to learn more about La Cava and see our reviews on this site!

Pavilion of Germany

In the German pavilion, we noticed that there were Lots of packaged treats available! Some of these may have existed for a long time, but we wanted to highlight them here in case you’ve never seen them before.


We have seen apple pasta …

Apple cakes

…chocolate cookies…

Chocolate cookies

… Cinnamon Stars…

Cinnamon stars

… Stollen Classic…


… Coconutella…

coconut shell

… Ice Cream Gingerbread Cookies…


… Krauter Printing…


… Stollen pieces of marzipan…




… Pa rus…

What would you get?

… And more!


If you’re looking for a way to sample German sweets, but aren’t interested in some of the other items available in the pavilion, be sure to check them out.

Pavilion of Italy

In the Italian pavilion, we also saw that there were many packaged delicacies available.


Again, some of these may have been here before, but we wanted to highlight them for you, as many fans often pass by packaged delights!

What would you get?

We also saw some holiday themed Cono snacks!

With snack

It’s time to make the snack!

EPCOT merchandise updates

Creation shop

In the creations store, we saw a new one Moana-themed MagicBand.

Moana MagicBand

If you’re a big Moana fan and / or you’re excited about Moana’s NEW attraction coming to EPCOT, you can pick up one of these new MagicBands to $ 29.99.

Click here to take a look at the Moana attraction construction that is taking place at EPCOT.

We also saw a new bag charm available at Creations Shop for $ 9.99 that says “My Happy Place”.

Charm of the bag

He NEW 50th anniversary Dooney & Bourke bags they were also available in the Creations Store, with plenty on offer.

There are many here!

If you find it hard to find these bags elsewhere, try checking out the creations store!

Click here to see more about these bags!

Port of entry

At the Port of Entry, there were plenty of them 50th anniversary black and gold Starbucks glasses in stock when we visited earlier.

Lots here

But keep in mind that actions can change quickly.

Plaça dels Amics

In the Plaza de los Amigos in the Mexican pavilion, we saw some fun Coco shirt…

Coco shirt

… and hooded sweatshirt that are already available.

Coco hooded sweatshirt

If you are big Coco fan, you can check it out during your next visit!

House of Good Fortune

Merchandise at Disney World can be expensive, but sometimes some sales can be found. While you might expect to see these sales at some of Disney’s more “standard” stores, sometimes you can also find them at World Showcase’s unique stores.

In the House of Good Fortune, we saw that some items were in liquidation!


There was a discounted t-shirt $ 16.95


… Ia cup on sale for $ 7.95 (from $ 9.95).


It’s always good to look and see what may be available and if you can get a good deal.

Pavilion of Italy

In the Italian pavilion, we saw some new merchandise for us. There was a Topolino luggage tag per $ 12.99

Luggage tag

… A scarf for $ 9.99


… A white / cream t-shirt for $ 39.99


… A orange t-shirt for $ 36.99

Another t-shirt!

… A long sleeve t-shirt for $ 54.99


… A passport holder

Passport holder

… A gray t-shirt / sweatshirt for $ 34.99

Baby mouse!

… a Mickey and Minnie T-shirt …

So handsome

… And more.

Many to choose from

Also, we saw that guests could customize your perfume bottles during selected dates.

Free engraving

This offer was only available for a limited time, but be sure to check and see if any special offers are available during your trip.

Engraved bottle

Japan Pavilion

In the Japan Pavilion, we saw our friend meh … egg leading to Santa hat with a fun stuffed animal that is priced at $ 12.95.

MEH (But be happy)


In the pavilion of Morocco, the the shops on the outskirts of the pavilion remain closed.

Still closed!

We will be attentive to any news about this space.

United Kingdom

We saw some of them in the UK pavilion new honeycomb sweets for us.

Honey dip

These were available for $ 5.99 each.

What would you get?

We saw it too Crown and crest it was open and looked very festive for the holiday season!

Ready to celebrate the holidays

Mission Space Cargo Bay

If you are looking for Stitch products, you can go there Mission Space Cargo Bay to catch this fun new one We found a set of stitching socks!


These come in a set of 3 …

So handsome!

… and include different small images of Stitch.

Hi Stitch!

They would be a fun purchase for any Stitch fan you might meet!

Stitch socks

Pavilion of Norway

In the Norwegian pavilion, we saw a NEW fragrance that was launched recently: SNO.


Gift games are priced at $ 109 and come with a reversible bag.


EPCOT Holiday Updates

He EPCOT International Festival of Festivities will be here soon, and EPCOT is getting ready! During a recent visit, we saw that the stage for Joyful! was being configured and had already published a few times.

Festival Stage

We also saw some stages and signs in Mexico …




… And the United Kingdom, among other places.

Stage in the United Kingdom

We hope that these scenarios will be used for the different storytellers and entertainers that will be available for the Festival.

In the American Adventure pavilion, the cast members were preparing for the candlelight procession and setting the stage at the American Gardens Theater!

Setting up!

At Living with the land, holiday decorations have appeared along the way!


There are holiday lights, wreaths …

So handsome!

… Ornaments…

An ornament

… And more!

We love it

If you’ve never been on this trip during the holiday season, it’s one you don’t want to miss (especially at night).

Over the last few days, we have also noticed that the Food and Wine Festival Houses have disappeared and The Festival Festival booths have appeared!

It’s Some Booth

The Festival will start in a few days, on November 26th!

Click here to see all the stands that have arrived so far!

At the L’Chaim stand we also saw a bit Olaf is getting ready for the carrion hunt that will be available during the Festival Festival!

It’s Olaf!

During the Festival Festival, you can search for Olaf throughout the park.

Click here to see more about the return of this chariot hunt!

EPCOT meeting and greeting updates

If you want to say “hello” to some EPCOT characters, there are many to find. For example, during a recent trip we were able to say “hello” to Mulan in the China Pavilion. These character encounters and greetings are distant, but they still give you a chance to see some popular Disney friends.

Hello Mulan!

And at the Magic Eye Theater (where the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is usually shown), now you can find Mickey Mouse!

It’s Mickey !!

With the modified encounter and greeting of Mickey’s characters, you can take photos and talk to Mickey in this themed space, keeping some distance.

Click here to see what other character encounters return to Disney World!

General EPCOT updates

At Disney Art, we saw it Rob Kaz he was out painting.

Take it to work

If you like Disney and art, this is a place you will want to go, as you never know who you may find.

During one of our visits, so was he Dia Dapper and EPCOT!

Stylish day looks!

Despite the rain, the guests were dressed up and looked wonderful.

We also noticed that there was a lot of crowds, despite the rain.

EPCOT crowds

We’ve also seen a few new images displayed on select PhotoPass photo sites, like this one in the UK …

Photo Spot

… and this one near Germany.


Canada everywhere (the show in the Canada Pavilion) closed during the Food & Wine Festival, as the space was used for the Appleseed Orchard stand. During a recent visit, we saw it Attraction signage is underway, but no schedules are available yet.

Are you a fan of this show?

We will look for more updates.

At EPCOT, we also saw what to select The cast members have NEW green T-shirts.

They look great!

The t-shirts are very special as they are made of plastic bottles!

Click here for more information on t-shirts!

And that’s all for us from EPCOT. Stay tuned for more updates!

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