Celebrate the magic of ‘Enchantment’ at Disney parks and with new fun and colorful merchandise

I don’t know about you guys, but my family always had a tradition of going to the movies on Thanksgiving weekend, and this year will be no different! Today, Walt Disney Animation Studios premieres its 60thth“Yes, 60.”th! – animated feature film, “Encanto”, and is the perfect movie to watch this holiday weekend. This musical tells the story of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live in a magical house in Colombia in an enchanted place called Encanto. Every child in the family is blessed with a unique gift, except Mirabel. When she discovers that magic is in danger, Mirabel could be the last hope of her exceptional family. I’ve put together some fun places to celebrate this exciting new movie at Disney Parks, as well as some ways to bring home some magic inspired by “Charm”.

If you’re close to Disney Springs, you’re sure to want to see the movie at the AMC theater there. Enjoy the “Carpet” red carpet experience with a beautiful screen with fun photography opportunities for the whole family! Also, what better place to watch “Charm” than at AMC in Disney Springs during the holiday season?

When you head to Disney Springs to see the movie, be sure to arrive early so you can “ooh” and “aah” at four new art exhibits near Jaleo and AMC Theater. Make sure your phone is charged, because these walls are the perfect backdrop for some Insta-worthy photos! Guests can find another prized piece of art collection at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park near Creature Comforts on Discovery Island. Be sure to say “hello” to the cotton tamarins, a native animal of Colombia, near the art exhibit!

Everyone is participating in the fun “Charm” at Disney Springs! One of the stars of the film, Jessica Darrow, who lent her voice to the character Luisa Madrigal, recently went on to celebrate the film’s premiere and to see these new art installations. See how Jessica enjoyed her visit and to see how the film came to life at Walt Disney World!

At Disneyland Resort, the holiday season is underway! This year, we’ve added some new fun to the celebration at Disney California Adventure Park, with special appearances from the cute and fun Mirabel. With its history set in Colombia, it brings a new cultural perspective to the immersive “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!”, Inspired by Mexico and Brazil. festivities at the Disney Festival of Holidays, with live entertainment and interactive photography opportunities. Enjoy a delicious “arepa con queso” and sing the authentic Colombian music of the band El Sabor Bueno, which appears twice a week at the Paradise Gardens Bandstand.

You’re sure to come out of the movie singing her catchy tunes, so have Mirabel’s singing doll sing with you! Available now at shopDisney and soon at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, press the doll’s button to hear her sing “The Family Madrigal,” one of the songs from the film’s famous composer Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Once you’ve seen the movie and fallen in love with the characters, you’ll want to emulate their style with a dress like Mirabel’s “My Best Self” t-shirt … And we all know that no Disney look is complete without a headband for the ears. ! Charming Minnie Mouse’s ear tiara includes embroidered flowers, a striped bow with a pompom centerpiece and a “magic awaits you” text next to it. The little ones looking for pop colors will love this Charming dress with colorful print and bulging sleeves. There is nothing normal in this fun dress! All of this clothing is now available at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and online at shopDisney.com.

Starting Dec. 1, the Downtown Disney District LEGO store at Disneyland Resort will also have magical and exciting deals. Unlock a fun micro-world! With
Antonio’s magic door, you can join the sweet and affectionate cousin Antonio de Mirabel in a buildable set of 99 pieces that includes a “door” that opens with a lock and a key that open into a microworld that includes a hammock, a cave of jaguar and a detailed micro doll. cute figures and creatures.

Magic also waits behind Isabela’s magic door. Meet Luisa and Mirabel as they explore the wonders of Sister Isabela’s room. Enjoy a tea in the garden, surrounded by birds and butterflies flying around you, and then have fun with Isabela’s makeup before they call you for dinner! With The Madrigal House, you can bring movie-based games or creative fun home with Mirabel and her family to her magical home in Colombia. Explore the rooms and meet Mirabel!

After watching the movie, you’re sure to fall in love with Mirabel’s wonderful musical and unique personality, which is perfectly embodied in Jakabel’s Mirabel Singing Large Doll and Magical Butterfly. When the music of “Encanto” sticks in your head, sing with Mirabel and see the magic butterfly shine. He also says over 15 movie-inspired phrases!

Set in Colombia, “Encanto” embraces the diversity, culture, people and music of the country. Family, a group of Latinx Disney Animation employees, even shared their personal perspectives and experiences to help shape the film. Similarly, global teams from The Walt Disney Company collaborated with colleagues from the United States to bring together four amazing artists from various regions of Colombia to create original works of art inspired by “Charm”. The collection features works of art by artists Catalina Estrada, Sebas Pakui, Diana Ordonez (Ledania) and Jhonny Nuñez, who used each of their unique artistic styles to capture the heart of the film and its magical story of Colombian culture, music and family. Check out some of the above styles and explore Target’s exclusive collection more here.

While you’re doing all your holiday shopping and looking for an amazing gift, Antonio’s amazing gift is just that! Inspired by characters and scenes from the film, this book illustrated with brilliant illustrations celebrates the love for animals, new friends and the magical gifts of the Enchantment. For fun in both English and Spanish, The Gift of a Family is a bilingual storybook based on the animated feature film that children ages 3 to 7 will love. It even includes 30 stickers!

Ready to advance your best face? Check out Alamar Cosmetics’ Disney Encanto Collection: a limited edition 13-piece makeup collection inspired by the magic of “Encanto.” The Alamar team was thrilled and very inspired by the way “Encanto” encourages and celebrates large families, diversity of skin tones, food, music and Latin culture. As an independent, Latin-owned brand, Alamar’s team had the honor of relying on capturing the magic of the film through the art of makeup.

See what magic awaits you at Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Charm,” which is now in theaters! And don’t forget to watch these movie celebrations at Disney parks while you’re there. Enjoy!

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