Imagine Disney’s desire: construction upgrades from Germany

We’ve reached several milestones in building the Disney Wish since I last shared an update. The team and I are so excited about the progress that today I wanted to celebrate it with you. Let’s take a look at these moments together, right? I am delighted to invite you behind the scenes with a time lapse video that captures the last months of our construction journey!

Conversion funnel installed

In July, the huge forward funnel was installed on the top deck. Our iconic red funnels are exclusive to Disney Cruise Line and one of my favorite details from the Disney fleet. They’re sleek and stylish, reminiscent of classic ocean-going boats, with the Disney Cruise Line logo visible on each side.

Aboard the Disney Wish, the stern funnel houses the exhaust pipes of the main engines, and the front funnel offers a truly unique and new experience: the Wish Tower Suite. This 2,000-foot-tall penthouse will offer unparalleled ocean views. All that remains is to equip the space.

Last block assembled

In August, our team of Imagineers at the Meyer Werft shipyard completed the momentous milestone of assembling the last block at the Disney Wish. As you can imagine, this was a special moment for our team. After months of dedication and hard work, we were able to see how the outside of the ship came together. The Disney Wish is almost finished from a construction standpoint! We continue to work on the interior equipment, cabin facilities and commissioning of the ship.

Stern filigree completed

Finally, we have the completion of the “severe watermark.” The stern watermark proudly bears the name of the ship: Disney Wish. This is a preview of what’s to come for the archery watermark, so stay tuned for future updates.

Sharing these photos with you is like passing a photo album of memories. Each milestone not only means one more step towards the launch of our newest boat next summer, but it also represents the amazing team that made each milestone possible. I hope to share more things with you soon.

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