News at Hollywood Studios: Meet Minnie and buy a LOT of new merchandise!

Hello, friends of the DFB! We are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with what’s new this week!

Hollywood Studios holiday wallpaper

If you visit Hollywood Studios get ready to buy because there is a lot of new merchandise! Let’s go.

Hollywood Studios construction updates

Dreams of the red carpet

First, we have arrived meet Minnie at Red Carpet Dreams and she is dressed in a beautiful and elegant dress. The My Disney Experience app listed it as unavailable, but was greeting guests (at new and socially distant way) when we visited.

What a darling!

Mickey is not currently at Hollywood Studios, as he is busy in parades (according to cast members), but you may be able to catch Minnie in Red Carpet Dreams.

Check out more photos of Minnie’s sightings returning to Disney World here!

Okay, let’s get into all the new merchandise!

Hollywood Studios product updates

Famous 5 and 10

At Celebrity 5 & 10, there was a new one for us The Wizard Mickey Apple Watch Band per $ 34.99.

Apple Watch strap

We also found a new one Capital M (for Mickey!) Hat per $ 39.99.

Mickey’s hat

Robbers Keystone

Then at Keystone Clothiers was a new Spider-Man merchandise. This new one Figure of the spider man is $ 39.99.

Figure of Spider-Man No Way Home

There was also one Spider-Man No Way Home Set of figures, including Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

Set No Way Home

There were some, too Spiderman t-shirt for kids

Spider-Man T-Shirt

… As well as a gray Spider-Man Friendly Neighborhood T-Shirt per $ 36.99.

The spider man of the friendly neighborhood

Tatooine merchants

Now move on to Star Wars merchandise, we found a new one for ourselves Star Wars hat per $ 39.99 to Tatooine Traders. The front has Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader faced off in a lightsaber battle

New Star Wars hat

… while one side has it R2-D2 and C-3PO

R2-D2 and C-3PO

… and the other side has it Storm Troopers!

Storm Troopers

There is also a novelty Boba Fett helmet per $ 119.99.

Boba Fett helmet

There was a new one Boba Fett patch set


… Ia Boba Fett pine game per $ 29.99.


And look at this news Boba Fett sweatshirt per $ 64.99!


The back of the sweatshirt also has the Boba Fett jet pack.


Then there were more new Boba Fett pines, like this one Boba Fett’s book Pin per $ 17.99.

Book by Boba Fett Pin

There was also one Pine of Fennec Shand per $ 15.99

Pine of Fennec Shand

… and another Boba Fett Pin per $ 15.99.

Boba Fett Pin

And last but not least, there is something new Boba Fett MagicBand, too!


Once upon a time

Are you ready for sweater time? There was a new one Slinky Dog Mock High Neck Sweater a Once Upon A Time for $ 39.99.

Slinky Dog Sweater

Mickey’s of Hollywood

Dogs can also celebrate the holidays with this novelty Dog toy with Pluto Christmas wreath per $ 17.99.

Dog toy with Pluto crown

And you can get a new one Christmas pet per $ 19.99!

Pet Mat

There is a new red Disney World Spirit Jersey, with the Disney World logo on the front …

Red Spirit Jersey

… and Walt Disney World on the back of the spiritual t-shirt.

Red Spirit Jersey

There is also a new white Long sleeve collar per $ 39.99. He says “Day Dreamer” with Mickey and Minnie sharing a kiss.

High neck sweater

There is a new one Pete Long sleeve t-shirt for kids per $ 29.99. It says “no bad vibes.”

Pete Top

And that’s new Chip ‘n Dale children’s long sleeve t-shirt is $ 34.99. It’s so beautiful!

Top Chip ‘n Dale

Gifts of frozen fractals

And finally, in Frozen Fractal Gifts, there is something new Jean Frozen jacket per $ 39.99. In front is Bruni de Frozen 2

Jean Frozen jacket

… and Anna and Elsa on their backs!

Anna and Elsa

And that’s all new at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Keep reading DFB for more information on what’s new at Disney World!

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