Okay, Disney World’s POG Juice Debacle could finally end

Over the past two months, there appears to have been a change of supplier of POG Juice to Disney World. POG Juice is a popular drink for many Disney fans, as its blend of passion fruit juices, orange and guava tastes like you’re on a tropical vacation!

POG juice

While visiting the parks today, we consulted with a cast member to see what the current state of POG Juice was. Let’s summarize how the last few months have been and where things are today!

POG Juice was originally supplied by Minute Maid / Coca-Cola, and could be found at Disney World parks and resorts in a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Remember when there was a shortage of POG juice?

Over the summer, though, we realized there was a shortage of POG Juice at Disney World: the horror! How were we supposed to enjoy our delicious POG juice on a hot Florida afternoon?

We could wipe out this whole table of free POG samples, we won’t lie.

We soon realized there was a supply problem and Disney World switched Coca-Cola’s POG Juice supplier to Nestlé. Fans may or may not have noticed a change in taste; We thought the Nestlé version was so much sweeter!

POG Juice returned with a different supplier in September

Today we consulted with a cast member to see if he knew of any POG Juice status updates. We were told that Disney had returned to Coca-Cola as a POG Juice supplier last week! Three cheers for OG POG Juice!

POG juice combines wonderfully with a breakfast to spread on ‘Ohana

We will continue to provide you with the latest news and updates when it comes to changes to the Disney World menu, so be sure to follow them before your next vacation so you have up-to-date information!

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Do you enjoy POG Juice when you visit Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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