PHOTOS: The “Charm” merchandise is now available at Disney World and online

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Disney’s latest animated film, Charming, has officially hit theaters today! To celebrate the arrival of this new musical film, a lot of new merchandising items have hit the shelves of Disney World.

Charm is out NOW!

Let’s take a look at the collection, which includes a new pair of Minnie ears!

The first in the collection is colorful clothes for the whole family. We saw this adorable one children’s t-shirt with Mirabel in front …

Children’s t-shirt design on the front

… and a butterfly design on the back.

Children’s t-shirt design on the back

Retail by $ 19.99.

Click here to buy the Charming children’s t-shirt!

We found a second children’s t-shirt option. This one says “Animal Magnet” in front with some of the animals Charming. It is made with sensory materials, which means it was designed with flat seams, tear labels and super soft fabric!

This t-shirt is made of sensory materials

It is available for $ 19.99.

Click here to buy the children’s t-shirt for sensors!

Adults can also match with this t-shirt which says “The family is everything” in both English and Spanish.

Adult t-shirt

It is available for $ 29.99.

Click here to buy the adult t-shirt!

For the cold nights, we looked at children’s artificial leather jacket and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s colorful and cozy, how we love jackets!

Can we have it in adult sizes, please?

It is available for $ 49.99.

Click here to buy the artificial sheepskin jacket for kids!

Now is the time for some accessories that combine with our new t-shirts! First, we need to talk about it those lovely Minnie ears! We thought our Ears collection had seen it all, but the details and bright colors of these ears are too beautiful to pass up!

Very beautiful!

They are available for purchase at Disney World and online $ 29.99.

Click here to buy Minnie’s latest pair of ears!

There is also a novelty Loungefly mini backpack to add to your bag collection! This one is as colorful and vibrant as those Minnie ears, with characters from the movie appearing in the design.

Loungefly mini backpack

Retail by $ 85.

Click here to buy the Charming Loungefly mini backpack!

If you are visiting Disney World soon and need a new one MagicBand, There is a Charming-Thematic design just for you!

MagicBand charm

You can find the MagicBand at World of Disney by $ 29.99.

Click here to buy the Charming MagicBand!

Finally, the Charming The collection includes some additional objects and toys. If you enjoy collecting Disney pins, there are a couple of new designs inspired by the movie. The first is this pin with Mirabel and says “Only me!”

Limited release pin

You can add this pin to your collection $ 17.99

Click here to buy the Limited Release Pin!

If you want a little adventure with your souvenir shopping, you can risk it Mysterious pine collection!

“Encanto” mystery pine collection.

Each box contains two pins from a collection of eight designs in total. If you’re curious, each set will cost you $ 15.99.

Click here to buy the Mystery Pin collection!

He Charming The merchandise collection also includes two dolls. The first is a singing the Mirabel doll!

Nina Mirabel

The girl sings’ The Family Madrigal‘of Enchantment and markets for $ 24.99.

Click here to buy the Mirabel singing doll!

The second doll we saw is one Nina Isabela Hair Play. This doll comes with an assortment of hair clips and other accessories.

Nina Isabela Hair Play

This doll is also sold at retail $ 24.99.

Click here to buy Isabela Hair Play Doll!

The last item we saw today is this one Toucan stuffed animal! We found the stuffed animal at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Toucan stuffed animal

It is available in parks and online for $ 16.99.

Click here to buy the toucan stuffed animal!

We’re looking forward to new item arrivals as well as offers for the holiday shopping season, so be sure to follow up on more of Disney’s latest merchandise finds!

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You have seen Charming yet? Let us know in the comments!

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