Describing Disney World Attractions Literally

Disney World hosts dozens of attractions for its four theme parks!

Great Mountain of the Thunder

Some of these attractions are classic, lasting more than 50 years, while others are new and attract guests to see what the exaggeration is all about. Attractions are perhaps the biggest attraction for guests coming to Disney World, but some of them are a little weird … if you really think about it. Today we describe Disney attractions literally, so you understand exactly what we mean!

Let’s start with this: a purple dragon with a sweater attacks your senses. Sounds pretty aggressive, right? Yes, this is what you get in Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

A hotel that would receive zero stars on Yelp still has ranks of people who want to sign up. This is the Tower of Terror for you!

0 out of 5 stars!

The old men call to your ears upside down in the dark? Anywhere else, this would be completely creepy and unacceptable, but at Hollywood Studios, this is what people expect in line at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

The evil dictator captures you and tries to kill you continuously as you flee. It’s a literal nightmare right there! But it’s also Disney World’s most popular trip, Rise of the Resistance.

This journey is the definition of “danger on every corner.”

The mad scientist puts you in grave danger while sitting comfortably in his office. The plot of a science fiction / horror movie? Or just the plot of Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur?

Rotate in circles until discarded. Well, that’s pretty easy … it’s obviously Mad Tea Party. (Which can be one of the most divisible attractions in the park!)

Who is ready to turn until they are sick ?!

Have you ever been to the Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise? What you are really getting is a ship captain who makes bad jokes while surrounded by deadly animals. Fun!

Listen, we like to tell our readers to apply for row B1 when circulating in Soarin ‘at EPCOT. Otherwise, find out what it would be like if all the major landmarks in the world were strangely undulating.

If you’re not in the center, everything is tilted!

Get a free bath, whether you like it or not. How thoughtful of you, Disney World, to put Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom and make sure we all stay clean. And humid.

What is Tomorrowland Speedway like? Well, basically you he drives slowly in a frustrating manner while inhaling unhealthy amounts of exhaust gas.

Go for the fumes!

Drunk men steal, torture and set fire while singing a tune – This is not familiar! But that’s exactly what you’ll see when you visit Pirates of the Caribbean. (He is much happier than we give him credit for!)

What is less work than Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, but you’re more likely to get sick? Why this is Mission: SPACE at EPCOT! In fact, it’s the only Disney World trip that comes with barf bags.

Prepare to enter a human centrifuge.

Sailing through a glowing jungle in search of a 12-foot-tall alien sounds like a triple dream. And you can make that dream come true if you spend Na’vi River Journey in Animal Kingdom.

The enchanted mansion is loved by many Disney fans, but at its core, it is one poorly maintained house invaded by mad spirits. It’s incredibly lovely, though! 😉

Horrifying. But in a beloved way.

TriceraTop Spin is a fairly simple trip, what can we say about it? Well, is Dumbo with dinosaurs.

Seeing animals do animal things… This almost sums up Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Only animals are animals!

Great views, but make sure you miss the camel’s spit. You’ll appreciate this advice the next time you upload Magic Carpets of Aladdin to Magic Kingdom.

Where you can experiment uSupervised well-dressed children have a very, very, very long chant? Well, the classic “it’s a small world” of course! Seriously, this trip takes more than 10 minutes.

Tan. A lot. Singer.

Riding Grand Fiesta Tour at EPCOT is fair watching a fan favorite bird suffering violent injuries in Mexico. Consider Donald Duck fans.

Honestly, the motto of Astro Orbiter in Magic Kingdom should be “I hope you are really comfortable with your travel companion!“We haven’t been so close to another human in a theme park, well, since … never.

You will be nice and comfortable on this trip.

If you strip him Star Wars arguments, Star Tours at Hollywood Studios is really fair the worst Uber driver in the world to take you into space.

They want to know hyou will have to study for your final World History exam in 11 minutes? He drives the Earth spacecraft. This is.

It’s a world full of history!

Ah, space mountain – intergalactic whip with a stranger almost on his lap. A Disney classic.

And finally, the newest trip to Disney World, where an alien breaks various health codes and evades murder. (Definitely check out Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure on your next visit!)

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Here it is: our literal descriptions of 24 different Disney World attractions. Stay tuned to DFB for more park news and updates, plus all the tips you need before your vacation!

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