EPCOT has come out ALL with this year’s cookie ride award – here’s where to find it!

Hello from the first day of the EPCOT Festival Festival. WE FEEL VERY HOLIDAYS!

Festival of the Celebrations

And we’ve been busy taking a look at checking out all the food stalls, activities, entertainment, the COOKIE WALK and more! And right now, we’re here to tell you the Holiday sweets and candies cabin!

Now the holiday candy and candy stand, located at World Walk of the Showcase, is THE place you want to go if you have a serious sweet tooth. So yes, the menu is full of exactly that: sweets. But there are also delicious drinks here!

Holiday sweets and candies

Are you ready to eat some sweets?


As we mentioned, the food here focuses on the “sweet” part of the name of this stand. Let’s start with the return Mint Sundae, which is done with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and mint sweets per $ 5.25. And these desserts are gluten free! We have always found these desserts both sweet and refreshing!

Mint Sundae 2020

There is also a sweet treat here that you can only get for free if you complete the Cookie ride (otherwise it costs $ 3.) Well, you know us, we’ll be making the cookie walk through ALL THE COOKIES. That Redemption cookie looks like an ornament with the Disney World 50th Anniversary logo! And that’s not all people …

Redemption cookie!

… Because when you complete the 2021 Cookie Walk, you ALSO take this surprise with you Mint Mini Sundae in a super cute cup! It’s made with the same chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and chunks of mint as the full version.

Mint Mini Sundae

S0 Disney thought very well, after eating five cookies, here’s one more And a sundae! But we don’t complain or anything.

And then you can also choose one Free-form ornament!

Free ornament

There are three free-form holiday ornament designs, including a since, a penguin, and a gingerbread face, and you can choose your favorite.

3 designs!

So to complete the cookie ride, you will get the Exclusive redemption cookie, a mini mint ice cream and a free-form ornament! This is a great deal!


Now when it comes to drinks, here is a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. He The hot cocoa comes back again and can be ordered non-alcoholic per $ 3.50 or pay $ 11 per assorted alcohol, which include Baileys Irish Cream, Frangelico Liqueur, o Cinnamon whiskey fireball. Um … yes, please?

Hot cocoa with cordial 2018 (Baileys)

Another returning favorite is the Mint Chocolate Smoothie with Twinings Peppermint Cheer Tea per $ 4.25. This smoothie is both mint and chocolate and is called HOLIDAYS. And you can get it with vodka for a little more partying.

Chocolate and mint smoothie 2019

Per $ 11, get the drink version of Chocolate and mint smoothie with Whipped cream vodka added.

Chocolate mint smoothie 2019 with Twinings® Peppermint Cheer tea and whipped cream vodka

Eggnog fans will be delighted to learn that an Carry egg white also returns this year, along with one Beer flight. And there are two new beverage options included Coquito beer and the S’mores Black Lager. Stay tuned for a review in the future!


We were very impressed with this year’s Cookie Stroll Awards. But even if you don’t participate in the cookie walk, this is a great stand to pass by if you want to fill a sweet wish!

If you find your type of candy happy, go to the candy and holiday candy stand during the EPCOT Festival Festival from now until December 30.

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Have you tried this stand before at the EPCOT Festival Festival? Let us know in the comments!

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