If Loving Disney World’s Dole Whip Cake is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

The last festival of 2021 is here: it is the EPCOT International Festival of Festivities! There is so much to see and do at EPCOT over the holidays. You can watch the procession by candlelight (with famous guest narrators), do a cart search with Olaf, complete the cookie walk, or see the party decorations around the World Showcase.

It’s time for the EPCOT Festival Festival!

Today, however, we are EATING for EPCOT. He Advanced soda The festival food stand has some NEW food and drinks to try, so let’s take a look!

While Advanced soda Technically not a festival food stand, this small venue still serves new seasonal food and drinks.

Advanced soda

What’s on the menu during the Festival Festival? Let’s check it out!


It’s a Christmas miracle! The Refreshment Outpost offers a NEW Coconut and pineapple cake with whip DOLE for the holidays.

Menu of Offers of the Festival of Refreshments 2021

There are also some drinks available this year, including one Midnight lager, a Spicy cinnamon hard cider, ia Nairobi coffee Dark beer.

Click here to see the menus of all the stands of this year’s Festa Major!


We’re always excited to see DOLE Whip on the menu, so we were very excited to try these new desserts. Is a coconut and pineapple cake topped with soft pineapple ice cream DOLE Whip. And this dessert just costs $ 5!

Coconut pineapple cake with whip DOLE

When we first stopped, a cast member told us that by now they were out of the cake and would be back in about 20 minutes. We came back a while later and were able to grab a slice! We found this cake very nice.


He The flavors of pineapple and coconut are strong in the cake, i dried coconut flakes add a great texture both cake and soft ice cream. As big fans of DOLE Whip in general, we love this dessert! I it is a great tropical choice, as much of the food at EPCOT for the holidays can be quite heavy and rich.

Roasted coconut in the DOLE whip

If you don’t like tropical flavors, you’ll want to convey that delight. But if you especially like pineapple, we think you’ll love it. We especially liked the DOLE Whip melting into the cake a little, which makes it even more so moist and delicious. But this cake is not all that this place has to offer! Let’s talk about drinks.


There are a few drinks on the Refreshment Outpost menu. You can ask Midnight lager, Spicy cinnamon hard cider, o Nairobi coffee Dark beer (or try both!). Each of the drinks is $ 9.75.

Refreshment Advanced Menu

Midnight Lager and Nairobi Coffee are both new drinks this year!


There aren’t a lot of vacation options at Refreshment Outpost this year, though this coconut and pineapple cake is worth a trip alone, in our opinion. The soft cake, tropical flavors and contrasting textures made it a pure delight, and then you add that there’s a DOLE whip on top? Sold. But if you don’t feel like a tropical cake, check out some of the other holiday kitchens nearby, because there’s plenty to choose from at this year’s Holiday Festival!

Heading to the advanced soda place

If you want to try these new festival offers, visit Advanced soda at the Festival Festival through December 30, 2021.

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