PHOTOS: There is a SURPRISE delight with this year’s cookie walk at the EPCOT Festival Festival!

One of our favorite things to do at EPCOT Festival Festival it’s also the sweetest, literally!

Festival of the Celebrations 2021

We are talking about the Cookie ride, who has returned this year, where we can eat SO MANY DELICIOUS COOKIES. We know it, we know it, it’s hard work, but hey, someone has to do it.

Here’s how the cookie walk works: the Festival Passport has all the information you need, including the booths where you can go if you want to participate. Just head to these stalls and ask for the cookies shown and be prepared to put your NAME. Once you order each cookie, you’ll get a sticker to add to your passport.

Cookie walk guide

And when you have them all, YOU GET ANOTHER COOKIE. How is this the perfect activity or what?

We started our cookie walk by getting the Snickers-Doodle cookie to the Yukon Holiday Kitchen per $ 2.50, which is made with real Snickers bar pieces. Did we just land in the Snickers paradise?

Snickers-Doodle cookie

The next was the return Black and white cookie at L’Chaim! Holiday kitchen per $ 2.50. This cookie is of vegetable origin!

Black and white cookie

Then it was time to check back Chocolate Crinkle Cookie made with dark chocolate Dove on American Holiday Table per $ 2.50. This cookie got us into “chocolate”.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

One of our favorite returns is the Linzer Cookie at Bavaria Holiday Kitchen per $ 2.50. This cookie is as delicious as it is beautiful (it’s also our favorite of this year’s lineup!).

Galz Linz

And how can the holidays be without a Biscuit Biscuit per $ 2.50. This one comes from Festa Major desserts.

Gingerbread cookie

Once we finished our walk and had all the stickers on our passport, we took it to the Holiday sweets and candies stand to receive a special cookie! Again: Rewarding ourselves for eating cookies WITH ANOTHER cookie is pretty much the best thing we’ve ever done.

This year’s award cookie is a 50th anniversary celebration ornament!

But wait! There are more! In addition to the prize cookie, we were also handed a mini ice cream in a commemorative mug!

Ice cream prizes!

The awards really sweeten the deal if you ask us!

We always love the cookie ride and it really is one of our favorite parts of this festival. But if you’ll excuse us, let’s take a good long nap induced by cookies. But keep reading because at the Festa Major de les Festes we will cover EVERYTHING!

FULL menus published for the EPCOT Festival Festival!

Which cookie do you think sounds best? Let us know in the comments!

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