There are TWO more ways to get guaranteed seats in the procession by candlelight EPCOT!

Today we are at the 2021 EPCOT Festival Festival!

Festival of the Celebrations 2021

In addition to passing through the kitchens of the holiday festival, the procession by candlelight returns tonight after it was canceled in 2020. Guests can secure a guaranteed seat at the show with four packages of dinners back to select park restaurants, but these were sold out. FAST this year. But now there are TWO MORE LIMITED AVAILABILITY DINING PACKAGES IN EPCOT SO THAT GUESTS HAVE GUARANTEED SEATS WITHOUT RESERVATION!

Today we noticed a new advertising poster in Processional dining package by candlelight at the Spice Road table in the EPCOT Morocco pavilion. This package costs $ 49.00 and includes two small plates, a non-alcoholic drink, a dessert plate and guaranteed seats in the procession by candlelight.

Spice Road dining package

A cast member has let us know that right now he is the first to arrive, first served and then dinner you will get a ticket for the reserved seats at the time of show of the procession in the light of the candles you choose, which takes place at 17:15, 19 and 20:30.

Candlelight procession 2019

But this is not the only location this special food package offers! Is also available at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse in the American Adventure pavilion. This package costs $ 39.99 to choose a starter, a non-alcoholic drink and dessert.

Eagle Gift Dining Pack

As this is a fast service place, the Regal Eagle package offers you your food at the time of purchase and you get a ticket for guaranteed seats in the procession by candlelight. We have chosen the time of the show at 5:15!

Eagle Candlelight Gift Dining Pack

And, for our meal, we chose sliced ​​Texas beef bresket sandwich, macaroni and cheese and the S’mores brownie. Keep in mind that you will pay a little more than you would otherwise pay for these dishes, but the compensation is the seat guarantee.

Eagle Candlelight Eats Gift Dining Pack

You can check out our meal at Regal Eagle Smokehouse below!

Waiting seats is Still available for candlelight procession for free, so you don’t need to buy a dining package to see the show. But, if it’s essential for you and you want guaranteed seats, it might be worth paying a little more in order to secure your seat.

Of course, we are sure to offer you more of our day at the Festival Festival, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news!

We are at the EPCOT 2021 Festival Festival!

Will you soon see the procession by candlelight? Tell us in the comments!

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