4 Disney experts comment on Genie +

Disney World has recently unveiled its new Disney Genie planning program. As part of the My Disney Experience app, Genie is a free program that can plan your park days.

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Along with Genie came Genie +, which has replaced the FastPass + system in parks. Genie + is $ 15 per day, per person and allows reservations for Lightning Lanes (formerly FastPass lanes) of 46 attractions. There are also selections of individual attractions, which are high-demand attractions not included with Genie + that you can pay separately and individually to use your Lightning Lanes. We’ve talked a lot about how Genie + works in the past, but we wanted you to hear some experts! So here’s what Disney professionals have to say about Genie +

Adjusting your mindset – Tits more like the old FastPass than you think

“Adjust your mindset about Genie +. The first one available (in terms of travel reservations) is much more like the paper FastPass than the FastPass +. Remember you walked up to an old FastPass kiosk and said” now we distribute 13: 00 to 14:00 “so stick your ticket and that’s what you have? This is the same but digital. So the booking times are the same for a group of 2 they are the same for a group of 8. If you went up (to the old FastPass kiosk) with a group of 2 and the people on the machine next door had 8., it didn’t matter: you all had the same time. ” – Molly

Paper FastPass distribution kiosks

Basically, as Molly said, “Adjusting your mindset really helps you understand the system.”

120 minute rule

“Do your research before you leave, a big part of that is the 120 minute rule!” -Morgan

Hello Lightning Lane!

Ah, the 120 minute rule. We know this can be confusing, but we’ve broken it down for you and our experts are here to help you even more!

This way for Lightning Lane

“The 120-minute rule is confusing but manageable once you understand. Basically, you can book your next Genie + trip when you’ve accessed the first Genie + trip, your window has expired (you lost your reservation), or 120 minutes have passed since you left. book the first Genie + trip, whichever comes first – Molly

Genie + Lightning Lanes stacked

“You’re likely to come across a 120-minute rule when you’re at Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom. If you do, plan accordingly. Have lunch, watch a show, take a stylish walk, etc., so it’s not just 2 hours. of downtime. ” – Molly

Lightning Lane Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom have more popular attractions that can be booked earlier in the day, so you’re more likely to find this rule in these parks.

When and where to use Genie +

You may think you should use Genie + in all 4 Disney World parks, but you may want to rethink it!


“Choose and choose WHEN and WHERE you want to use Genie +. If you visit during a off-season, you may not have to spend those $ 15 per person. Similarly, think about which park to use. Magic Kingdom has a lot more attractions than Animal Kingdom, so it’s worth the convenience of skipping the queue at Magic Kingdom than paying to skip many short lines in Animal Kingdom “. -Morgan

Everest Lightning Lane Expedition

Buying in advance is not necessarily better, in fact, it can be worse!

“You don’t have to buy Genie in advance! The main advantage of doing so is to book your first Lightning Lane at 7am. So if you’re looking for a more popular attraction like Slinky Dog Dash, you’ll want to book in advance. But if you’re not sure you’ll need it one day at EPCOT or Animal Kingdom, you can wait until you’re in the park. That way you’ll know if the lines are long enough to guarantee the cost! ” -Quincy

It’s not uncommon to have a long wait at Journey Into Imagination

“Know that you don’t need to buy Genie + in advance. While I can fully understand wanting to have everything in place for your Disney trip, there are certain days that you may not to want spend money on Genie +. While some attractions may go fast, Genie + won’t sell out, so there’s no harm in waiting until the day of purchase. -Morgan

Lightning Lane at the Lion King Festival

And the same goes for individual attraction selection attractions.

“Wait until you’re in the park and see the lines for MORE luxury attractions (pay per trip). Most of them (read: Rise) won’t be sold during the day, so if you can, wait and see how are the lines before paying cash – this is especially true on trips like Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Frozen Ever After, and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Reserve Lightning Lanes

Now, let’s talk about maximizing Genie + for your benefit.

“Book your next Lightning Lane as soon as you can! You can book immediately after scanning an attraction or after a 2-hour break (whichever comes first). Book as soon as possible so it’s worth it!” -Quincy

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“In Genie +, play with stacking if you go to a park with a trip that gets a late return time quickly. Slinky Dog Dash, for example. -Craig

Stacking is the way to avoid the “1 Genie + reservation at a time” rule. Click here for more information on how to stack attractions with Genie +!

Update Update Update

“Update, update, update. This is the way to play the violin in this app. Just pull down the dashboard and new first availability schedules might appear. It’s probably not worth spending some time looking for (unless be desperate for a trip or a certain time), but I always update myself a few times to see if I can get a better deal! Chances are yes! ” – Molly

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And, you know there are many ways to upgrade Genie +!

“Learn all the ways to cool off! Sometimes it’s a pull down, sometimes it’s a back arrow, there are so many ways to do it and I’m still discovering new ways, so have all your refreshing knowledge on hand and don’t be afraid to try things. ” -Craig

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Refreshing is also how you can sometimes make “sold out” trips available again.

“Don’t give up if a popular trip runs out.” We’ve seen popular attractions like Slinky Dog Dash, Jungle Cruise and more come back as options later in the day. While times are not always so convenient, know that you don’t lose all hope if you can’t get the options sooner. -Morgan

Luxury walks

These are individual attraction selections or pay-per-trip options, if you haven’t already.

“Be very careful when choosing and choosing your Fancy Rides. Rise of the Resistance is the only one so far that has been constantly sold out, but if you do it right, many of the others are possible to ride with. a relatively short wait depending on the time of year you go (especially the Everest Expedition and Space). Mountain) ”- Morgan

Rise of the Resistance

Make sure your information is up to date, so you don’t have any problems!

“Keep your credit card information up to date. Prior to launch, the Cast Member chat told me that I could use Apple Pay for things like Mobile Order. This is not the case: you can use a credit card saved in the file, a Disney gift card you put in at the point of purchase or Visa Pay, which I tried once and still asked me to verify information, so the credit card number saved was still the most “This is especially true for individual attraction selections and Genie + purchases, which in the case of the IAS sometimes have to be done in a timely manner.” -Craig

Take advantage of other features

There are more things you can use with your Genie + options than just making Lightning Lane reservations!

“Use predictive waiting times! Even if you’re not using the itinerary or Genie +, you can see the predictive waiting times on each attraction page to help you find out about your day. -Quincy

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“If you pay for Genie +, keep these AR PhotoPass filters for 45 days. They’re super fun, so it’s good that you can continue to take advantage of the service after your day at the park.” -Quincy

If you want to be a genius, this is your chance!

Here it is: Here are all the tips from our Disney experts on using Genie +. Stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney news, information, and tips.

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