What is December really like at Disney World?

Can you believe we are already DECEMBER !?

Very beautiful!

Well, maybe not yet, but it will be the last month of the year next week! If you’re spending part of the holiday season at Disney World, you might have your bags in your head. Well, we are here to help. Let’s take a look at the FULL time update for Disney World next week, with some tips as well!

Weather forecast

We are approaching some of the coldest months of the year! Like last week, we will see warmer days and cooler nights. You may get used to needing layers at Disney World for a while!

Magical Kingdom

The best thing about winter is that it is the dry season in Florida! Sure, you won’t have to prepare for rain as much as summer, but don’t rule out the possibility.

November 29th

Based on The Weather Channel, Monday, November 29th it is expected to be a very comfortable day with a high of 69 degrees and a low of 46 degrees. Ugh! That afternoon is really cool! Make sure you are prepared for this drastic fall with a coat to throw away as the sun sets.

© The Weather Channel

With a mostly sunny day and a low 6% chance of rain, this could be a MAGNIFICENT Disney day, with a beautiful but cold night.

November 30th

On Tuesday, November 30th, you will see that the weather increases a few degrees for the high and low. Still, you’ll want to wear this extra coat most days of the week. While you may feel comfortable at noon with a 72 degree weather, things could be a little cold in the morning and evening.

© The Weather Channel

The probability of rain remains relatively low for much of next week. If we cross our fingers, we will even be able to escape the rain!

December 1st

When we get to Wednesday, December 1st, we will see another day without rain and these temperatures should stabilize around the same point as the previous day, but a little warmer.

© The Weather Channel

Keep in mind that here in Florida we have higher humidity. This can make the weather feel a few degrees warmer or colder than it really is.

December 2nd

Thursday, December 2nd, the maximum is heated only a few degrees to some of the warmest temperatures of the week. It’s wild to think that our maximum temperature next week is at 70 degrees!

© The Weather Channel

It is very refreshing and the days are getting shorter too! Sunrise is expected around 7 a.m. and sunset around 5:30 p.m. It’s MANY hours after dark in the theme parks to see the Christmas lights, magic beacons and fireworks!

December 3rd

For friday December 3rd, the weather stays around those mid 70s and high 50s. Florida winter means 20 degree fluctuations between day and night! Ugh!

© The Weather Channel

During the day it will be sunny with some passing clouds. The winds will be light, so the breeze shouldn’t be enough to make you fall.

December 4th

We have these warmer temperatures again on Saturday, December 4th! You’ll probably feel pretty warm during the day, but don’t forget to wear an extra coat!

© The Weather Channel

This day has the highest chance of rain all week, but we may not see any yet. However, you will want to be prepared. Professional trip! Wear an insulated rain jacket and let your rain coat DOUBLE as a heat layer!

December 5th

Saturday, December 5th lowers a bit from the temperatures of the previous day, but also the possibility of rain !. The 71 degrees have dropped again at the cooler end of the forecast for next week.

© The Weather Channel

And our evening temperatures will be 53 degrees! Ugh, more cool nights! We love to pack a scarf to be prepared for when these temperatures drop.

Summary of the week

Here’s a full overview of the week according to The Weather Channel. You will observe relatively constant temperatures throughout the week. It seems that the most likely days of rain are Saturday and Sunday. Keep in mind, though, that Florida likes to hit us with these rainy curved balls!

© The Weather Channel

Other websites like Click Orlando News 6 …

© Click Orlando News 6

… And WESH 2 News have similar forecasts throughout the week.

© WESH 2 News

Remember, meteorologists are not perfect and the The weather, especially in Florida, is something fickle and fickle! These days they may seem VERY different from these forecasts, so you’ll want to keep checking them out as packaging.

Tips to withstand the weather

If you’re going to Disney World next week, we have some tips on how to plan your time!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our GREATest tip for the coolest seasons at Disney World is wear LAYERS. Hot, sunny days and cool nights are a RECIPE for being badly dressed for the current temperatures.

Alice’s 70th birthday coat

Therefore, wear a light jacket and a hat or scarf. If you are in the parks unprepared for the cold, head to the nearest merchandise store. You may leave a penny nicer than you would have liked in these hot items, but at least you’ll be cozy!

Want more tips on surviving the Disney World climate? Click here!

Get ready for the unexpected!

Just because we’re seeing cooler temperatures doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about the sun. You want to wear sunglasses or a hat, and plenty of sunscreen.

50th sunglasses

And, even with little or no chance of rain, you want to be prepared for the rains! Grab a raincoat or poncho to take to the parks to make sure you don’t end up wet, especially with colder temperatures at night!

Click here to see another GREAT way to stay cool and safe at Disney World!

So use this forecast to inform your packaging, but be prepared for anything! Keep this park depot ready for anything: heat, cold, and YES, this stereotypical Florida storm!

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