Bringing Light and Joy: Cast Celebrate Hanukkah

Filling the houses with light, joy, and warmth: Hanukkah began yesterday evening!

Often called the “Festival of Lights,” Hanukkah is a Jewish festival where celebrants light a menorah for eight nights. It is to commemorate the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, when the lights of the original menorah were lit with oil that was only to last one night, but which lasted eight.

In addition to lighting the menorah, Hanukkah is celebrated by eating food cooked in oil to represent how long the oil lasted, such as latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (round stuffed donut), playing games like dreidel and sharing small gifts with loved ones. .

While many may think that Hanukkah has arrived earlier this year, it follows the Hebrew (lunar) calendar and is always the 25th.th day of the month of Kislev.

Many of our Walt Disney World Resort casts celebrate Hanukkah and have their own special traditions to share.

“I love sharing Hanukkah with our non-celebrating friends so they can learn more about the food we eat and our Jewish traditions. I also like my children to light their own menorah and sing family prayers. ” – Susan, director of communications

Traditions of Hanukkah of Jordan

“We have a favorite family heritage, a gorgeous Hanukkah blanket, which we look forward to taking out every year and relaxing on the couch after a delicious meal with lots of latkes. We also have a carefully selected playlist for years in creating songs from Hanukkah we listen to while we make latkes, bake our grandmother’s famous cookies and open presents ”. Jordan, facilitator of the learning program, and Maddie, concierge

Corey's Hanukkah traditions

“What I like most about Hanukkah in recent years is passing on to my children the traditions I learned from my family when I was little. When we light candles every night, my daughter helps me and does her best with the prayers. My son has his own Hanukkah wooden toy to follow safely. And I love teaching them how to play the dreidel and see how they put it on! ” – Corey, operations training assistant

Melanie's Hanukkah traditions

“I get very excited when I see Hanukkah represented in our parks! I also like to take the celebration with me throughout Hanukkah, whether it’s in the office or even staying at a resort.” – Melanie, Franchise Strategy Manager

Robbie's Hanukkah traditions

“We decorate our house with Hanukkah decorations. Each of us will light our own Menorah and always put one in the window so that all our neighbors can see it. ” – Robbie, Guest Relations

Do you know anyone who celebrates Hanukkah? Wish them a happy Hanukkah and ask them how they plan to celebrate it.

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