Story Book Dining will reopen at Disney World with an updated menu

Eat with more character back to Disney World!

Storybook dinner at Artist Point

Storybook dinner at Artist Point will reopen soon at Disney World, and with its reopening comes one fixed price menu renewed with some changes. Let’s take a look!

Storybook dinner at Artist Point. located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, it’s a fan-favorite character dining spot, with diners receiving visits from characters like Snow White, the Dwarves, and even the sometimes evil queen. Is going to reopens for dinner on December 16th with modified character interactions.

Storybook dinner at Artist Point

When it comes to the fixed price menu, guests will be able to choose between shared snacks, a starter and shared desserts. Disney has not yet updated the prices of this menu, but we will be watching for an update!

Shared snacks in the Storybook Dining

As for the menu changes, Disney hasn’t made a lot of changes. With shared snacks, the Evil prawn cocktail and the Mushroom Biscuit are coming back, but the soup is now called “Wild mushroom biscuit. ”

The biggest change was made to the hunter’s terrine plate, which has now been changed to Hunter’s Pie and will be done with turkey, chicken, black truffle, canned blueberries and crispy sauerkraut.

Hunter’s cake

With the starters, the Royal Prime Rib Roast and A Stroll Through Nature are back, but the “Cottage” beef stew has been renamed Beef “Cottage” Stroganoff, although the ingredients of the dish do not seem to have changed.

And Brother Grimm’s roast chicken is now called Chicken in Brother Grimm’s Grass, made with cauliflower puree, roasted vegetables and chicken juice.

© Disney

He Magic Mirror slow grilled pork cane has also changed the mashed potato with celery root mashed potatoes with horseradish, along with withered greens, and jus. He Sorceress Spell of Land and Sea was completely removed from the menu.

And there is a new herbal dish! He “Tricken” chicken witch spell. comes with potatoes with herb crust, peas and vegetable juice. He Sorceress Spell of Land and Sea was completely removed from the menu.

The Queen

For dessert, diners can try four different sweet dishes, and Disney has made a change in these delicacies. The fairy-tale currant cake, the “poison” apple and the gift of hunger to the queen are back, but the Miner Treasures ingredients have been changed to cream cookies and panna cotta and chocolate jewelry, unlike its previous recipe which includes sponge cake, precious chocolate and berry panna cotta.

© Disney

The children’s menu hasn’t changed, but the drink menus have had some updates! The non-alcoholic Wishing Apple Punch has dropped in price since $ 7 to $ 5, but it will be so no longer includes a Souvenir Glow Cube. Now, he You can buy Glow Cube for an additional $ 3.79.

© Disney

The antidote has dropped in price since $ 14 to $ 13, The smoking mirror has risen in price since $ 13 to $ 14, i Jai Alai IPA it will cost now $ 9.75. A peach beer now it will be done with Jim Beam Black Bourbon extra-aged instead of the bourbon Buffalo Trace, i Alchemy will be done with Ginebra Tanqueray, unlike Uncle Val’s Geneva.

© Disney

And those are all changes to the storybook dinner menu! We look forward to Disney announcing prices soon, so stay tuned to DFB for more news on Disney World restaurants!

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