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On holidays, the right audio can add that perfect finishing touch to a white elephant gift swapping or cookie sorting party. The listening experience can be difficult to curate, but with the huge catalog of songs and podcasts that match the mood and our new holiday offer, the ideal festive atmosphere is just a few taps away.

To help you keep the sound going, we’re bringing back our annual premium holiday offer, offering eligible Spotify free and ad-free, avoidable music to first-time listeners. Until today, December 31, you can sign up and listen to favorites like “I wish you all the best for ChristmasRepeat for free and without interruption. Or, if you’re in the mood for a new holiday tune, skip it 2021 Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection Listen to new seasonal songs.

Did you get cold feet and cancel your plan before October 29 this year? We’ve got a deal that will keep you warm. Spotify is giving users the opportunity to go back to premium for three months for the price of one on a personal plan.

If you need more perseverance, here are five reasons why Spotify can help you listen to all your winter favorites and more without ads.

1. It is ad free.

Our favorite reason to join Spotify Premium is that you can enjoy your music without any hindrance. As much as we like to get ad-inspired ideas for our holiday wish list, sometimes we want to relax in the fire and stream our favorite songs all day long.

2. You can switch offline listening

Whether you’re on one Plane, train, slay ride or grandma’s dial-up Internet, Spotify Premium lets you download and listen to all your music offline, so you don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi or data to play your favorites.

3. Get instant access to 70 million tracks

The only thing less fun than the holiday playlist barrier is a limit on the number of songs you can avoid. With Spotify Premium, all our music is available on demand. So if you are interested in a specific song from us Christmas Classic Playlist, it’s ready to be lined up with just one tap. And if a family member hijacks your carefully curated row, there are a few to avoid to get Vibe back.

Also, you can switch between your headphones, computer or home speaker with just a few swipes. So no matter where the day takes you, never take a break to listen.

4. Premium may be speaking your language and your market.

This year, we’ve expanded to 44 new markets, from Uganda to Jamaica to Papua New Guinea, and added five new languages, including Romanian and Croatian. This brings the total number of Spotify premiums to 184 markets. So now more people around the world can take part in uninterrupted streaming this season.

5. You have one month to take advantage of three months free!

This is Breakdown: From November 29 to December 31, 2021, eligible Spotify is free and for the first time Spotify listeners can sign up for our personal premium plan for free for three months.

If you’ve just finished your premium subscription and have some regrets, there’s no need to wait for the ghosts of the Christmas past. You can sign up again and get তিন 9.99 or three months of ad-free music back in your local market equivalent. It’s just under $ 4 per month for premium listening.

Ready for ad-free, on-demand, unlimited music? Visit to sign up for your uninterrupted holiday music listening experience.

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