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Listen, the AllEars team can be known for our 22 years of life Tips from Disney World or our affinity for all things Marvel and Harry Potter (alert nerd🚨-in the best way, of course), BUT we also know a cosagggg or two on the theme park fashion!

Breedlove and Molly

From how to dress nicely and comfortably in the heat of Florida to the makeup that will last you for a 12-hour Disney day, here are all the tips and tricks you need for an Insta-approved vacation.

One of our favorite places for Disney-inspired clothing (the DFB store) has a big sale. RIGHT NOW! 💲 And, from the true fashion of AllEars, we take this opportunity to provoke a little …competition among our team. (Between carrion hunts, challenges, and spectacular night demolitions, here we care about being competitive.) So let’s leave it at that YOU decide which of our team members has the BEST sense of style!


First up …Race love! Disney Food Blog has none “I’m vegan” t-shirt (sorry, Breedlove), so your choice is for our friend and Disney resident DJ, the good Sonny Eclipse.

Breedlove’s favorite t-shirt

You too can be so stylish with your own Alien Tour t-shirt from the DFB store. Grab your per 25% discount (and vote for the “AllEars’ Most Stylish” award) with code RACE LOVE in the box!

Next is…Molly! Molly’s t-shirt collection is, well, huge. But one of her favorite options, especially for a cooler day in the parks or a relaxing weekend at home, is the Magical Lands sweatshirt.

Molly’s favorite sweatshirt

I won’t lie, a cup of hot coffee, a cozy sweatshirt and one or two Disney + shows sound great right now. You can get your own Magical Lands sweatshirt with a 25% discount with the code MOLLY on the box! (Will retains its title as the most elegant of AllEars … 👀 We’ll have to wait and see!)

That … it’s totally Molly

We mean … this is clearly the epitome of fashion right here.

In the corner number three we have …Duck fist! There are MANY snacks to choose from at Disney World, but we always find ourselves going back to the classic DOLE Whip.

Duckfist’s favorite t-shirt

Check out DFF’s favorite Duckfist selection from the Pineapple Whip! You can get yours with a 25% discount with the code DUCKFIST on purchase!

Quincy is our next candidate, and your choice concerns EPCOT retro vibrations: the Figment’s favorite t-shirt.

Quincy’s favorite t-shirt

Quincy’s selection is not only adorable (psst … is also one of Molly’s favorites! Don’t tell him we told you), but it also has a great dose of inspo with the appointment, “A dream can be a dream come true.” Get yours with a 25% discount with the code QUINCY on purchase.

Well, this is a wrapper from our team favorites! Now, it’s up to you to decide who will be crowned the most stylish member of the AllEars team! (Plus, you get a 25% discount. So no matter who wins, in the end you are the real winner.)

Ready … Ready … VOTE!

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Do you have a favorite Disney t-shirt or souvenir? Let us know in the comments!

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