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It’s vacation time at Disney World! You are ready to try MORE festive sweets?

It’s Christmas time!

He Festival of the Celebrations 2021 debuted recently at EPCOT, and you can also try a lot of new stuff and back holiday treats It shows around the world. We find two holiday delights in a favorite place in France, and we wouldn’t blame you for getting them both, even if you just wanted some VERY nice photos.

At The ice cream maker in the EPCOTs French pavilion, you can find delicious delicacies such as ice cream, sorbets and even a macaroni ice cream sandwich.

The ice cream maker

He Seasonal holiday macaron its back, and its an interesting mix almond-flavored macaroni with mint ice cream interspersed in between. The macaroni is red and green for the holidays and we can say it is beautiful.

Christmas macaron

We thought this festive macaroni was delicious! It would be especially enjoyed by mint lovers, but we really are i also loved the almond flavors.

Mint ice cream between almond macaroni

This combination of flavors may not be for everyone, but we really liked it we would like the ice cream to taste like chunks of almond chocolate instead of mint. You can get this Macaron for a seasonal vacation $ 7.

Very beautiful!

I The ice cream maker it also has its seasonality Gingerbread ice cream! We have a single spoonful in a cone $ 5.25, but you can also get a single (or double!) tablespoon in a cup.

Gingerbread ice cream

That the ice cream tastes like gingerbread and we loved that he even had it small pieces of gingerbread to ice cream! In fact, this was our favorite holiday treat at L’Artisan.

Gingerbread ice cream

The taste of gingerbread wasnt particularly strong, though if you like gingerbread youll love this ice cream. He the gingerbread pieces really enhance the flavor too.

Very good

Its definitely the season for mint and gingerbread, and its safe to say that if you dont like any of these flavors, you can probably skip it! Otherwise, find these seasonal delicacies at The ice cream maker to EPCOT for a limited time. Keep reading DFB for more Disney World holiday delights!

We are having deja vu after trying the EPCOT return holiday gift!

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Have you ever tried a Disney World holiday treat? Tell us in the comments!

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