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The secret is revealed: one of the best ways to save time is to use Genie + to skip the wait for Slinky Dog Dash. That means you have to book it VERY soon.

There is more data on the availability of Genie + that we will not review today, but will be included in a future release. Specifically, instead of having information about which attractions are “sold out” and which aren’t, it would be helpful to know something like “If I can’t book Peter Pan by 11:00, how far my period is likely to go? return. be? ” This deeper level of granularity will be our goal next week.

Explain the math!

Or in this case, the graphics. Today we will see a kind of heat map of Genie + availability. It will display a list of park attractions and then a row of boxes. Each box will represent one hour of time. A nice dark green box means you can get a return time for this attraction 100% of the time. Surely it will not have been “exhausted” by then. A dark red box means you’ll never get a return hour for this attraction. Then it always ran out.

So if I look at Space Mountain and scroll to the box at 2pm and see a bright, beautiful yellow, I know that if I try to get a Genie + return time for Space Mountain at 2pm, there is a 50% chance that I will be able to get one. The other 50% of the time, I will have already “exhausted” for the day.

How is Genie + available in Magic Kingdom?

Percentage of time Genie + bookings are available for each attraction during each hour of the day, under various crowd conditions.

Good news! The vast majority of attractions still have Genie + booking availability in the afternoon, even in more crowded conditions (up to level 7). Under all circumstances, Jungle Cruise tends to “run out” before any other attraction, followed by Peter Pan’s flight. On busy days, you will have plenty of attractions to choose from even at 7 or 8 p.m. On the busiest days, availability becomes more sporadic around 6 p.m.

The Jungle Cruise usually has the longest waiting times of any Genie attraction in the Magic Kingdom. So it is not surprising that it is done first in the park.

In any case, Magic Kingdom clearly benefits from having a large number of attractions that meet the requirements for Genie +. Many attractions to choose from, many with great schedule capacity, allow guests who have purchased Genie + to expand, leaving the availability of many attractions for most of the day.

How does Genie + look at Hollywood Studios?

Percentage of time Genie + bookings are available for each attraction during each hour of the day, under various crowd conditions.

From Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, we see a story of two a lot different parks when it comes to Genie +. At Hollywood Studios, there are far fewer attractions for guests to choose from (our graphics exclude shows / entertainment for which you can use Genie +). And there are some very clear preferences that guests choose to book first.

The good news here is a little less good than in Magic Kingdom. On low-traffic days, you can expect return times of approximately half of the eligible attraction to be at 5 or 6 p.m. On the busiest days, this number changes to approximately 13:00, which is not ideal. If, in the middle of the day, almost half of the Genie + attractions are already completely sold out for the day, this will put you in a corner very quickly.

If you’re into Slinky Dog, sign up for Millennium Falcon below.

Other not-so-good news: Even on the busiest days, the availability of Genie + for Slinky Dog Dash is fully reached at noon. On the busiest days, this happens before 9:00. So even at 4 or 5 day audience levels, unless you make your first Genie + reservation at Slinky Dog Dash, you won’t be able to use it. And once you get to levels 6 or 7 of the crowd, you have to book it in a few minutes from 7 in the morning or you’re unlucky. Millennium Falcon is the next most obvious choice for most Hollywood Studios guests, and tends to “run out” within a couple of hours after the park opens on those busiest days. On these busy days, at 16:00, you can only get Genie + reservations for Star Tours or MuppetVision, which doesn’t save much time anyway.

How is Genie + available on EPCOT?

Percentage of time Genie + bookings are available for each attraction during each hour of the day, under various crowd conditions.

EPCOT has the same number of Genie attractions that are not shown as Hollywood Studios, but Genie’s behavior at EPCOT is a lot different. While at Hollywood Studios, Slinky Dog Dash and Millennium Falcon are usually booked ahead of other attractions, almost everything else is used fairly evenly (except maybe Star Tours and MuppetVision). There are many attractions where Genie has a tangible impact on your waiting. EPCOT is at the opposite end of this spectrum.

It is very clear, especially at high levels, that guests have found out exactly which Genie + reservations will save them time at EPCOT and which ones will not bother them. The test track, at all levels of the crowd, is reached before any other attraction. And that makes sense because you’ll always save more time compared to the standby mode in Test Track. Even on average people’s days, Test Track is still pretty much the only attraction that runs out significantly before the end of the day.

Of the non-ILL attractions at EPCOT, Test Track is the one with the biggest avoidable wait and is the one everyone selects as the first Genie + reservation.

When we move into conditions of high people, this is where things get really interesting. Test track books for the day before the park opens. Between 2 and 3 hours after the park opens, Soarin ‘also book the day. And then about 2 hours later, Mission: SPACE is also released. What does this mean from a data perspective? That means almost everyone using Genie + at EPCOT is booking the test track before the park opens, then Soarin ‘when they are available for another booking and then Mission: SPACE when they are eligible again. Very few people are deviating from this strategy. And then, once they use those three … nothing else runs out before the park actually closes. Even on the busiest days. It may not be worth booking reservations for an attraction that you will have to return to at night because waiting times were manageable anyway. Great note here: at TouringPlans we recommend never buying Genie + for EPCOT. The ILL might be useful, but the only big wait you should avoid is the Test Track, and this is easy to do with a plan and strategy.

How is Genie + available in Animal Kingdom?

Percentage of time Genie + bookings are available for each attraction during each hour of the day, under various crowd conditions.

Animal Kingdom is the toughest park for Genie + in terms of attractions to choose from. There are a few shows, but there are only five non-ILL attractions eligible for Genie. And one of them is Kali River Rapids, which is closed for its annual renovation from November 1st.

Let’s start again with the good news: on low-traffic days, in general you can still choose from the four Genie + attractions until 6 p.m. On busier days, things get more interesting. Kilimanjaro Safaris tends to “run out” at noon. And then the other attractions are still very much available before 5pm. Similar to EPCOT, there seems to be a pretty exciting flow of guest decisions. The Safari gets up, and then ~ 2 hours later Na’vi River Journey is done, followed by DINOSAUR ~ 2 hours later and finally it’s hard to be a mistake ~ 2 hours later. Of course, if you don’t start booking Genie + for Animal Kingdom by noon, your options will be quite limited on the busiest days.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Don’t buy Genie + at EPCOT. Just don’t do it. It’s more annoying than it’s worth.
  2. If you use Genie + at Hollywood Studios, you need to get up early to catch the Slinky Dog Dash return time. Don’t worry, just make your reservation as close to 7 in the morning as you can. Then try to book the Millennium Falcon before noon. After that, you should have more flexibility.
  3. If you use Genie + in Magic Kingdom, prioritize booking for Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan’s Flight at some point in the morning. After that, you should have more flexibility.

Have you ever used Genie + in parks? What was your experience with booking popular attractions for the day? What was your strategy for which attractions to book first? Let us know in the comments!

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