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If 2020 is the year that turned the world upside down, 2021 is the year we used to look back. As the “normal” concept is thrown out the window, people around the world begin to embrace the unknown, and in doing so, champion everything that makes each of us unique.

My 2021 campaign on SpotifAnd Celebrate this idea: Millions of weird and wonderful ways to listen and survive in a world that keeps us on our toes. Today we feature the best artists, albums, songs, podcasts, and more that define how over 381 million people worldwide listened to and discovered audio in one year, setting the standard for the phrase “unprecedented.”

As always, # Mi2021EnSpotify helps us reflect on the great role that audio plays in the lives of our listeners and how our favorite creators have gifted a soundtrack to the world around us.

Most listened to by artists, songs and albums worldwide

For the second year in a row, Puerto Rican reggaeton stars Bad rabbit He was named the world’s most streamed artist on Spotify. More: It has received over 9.1 billion streams without releasing a new album this year. The singer-songwriter followed him closely Taylor Swift, Whose album Red (Taylor’s Edition) has given fans a reason to revive the early work of old and new artists. Rounding out the top 3 of 2021 BTS. The world’s most popular K-pop group had a breakout year for their single “Butter”. Canadian hip-hop artist Drake, Which was released in September by Certified Lover Boy, and Justin Bieber, Whose 2021 album Justice, featuring collaborations with artists from around the world, comes in at No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.

The most listened song in the world in 2021 is Chamak “Driver’s license” From Olivia Rodrigo, Which earned more than 1.1 billion streams. Viral track “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” Lil Nas X. Reaching second place and announcing the artist’s first studio album. Baby LAROI Justin Bieber entered the rankings for the first time, finishing third with his collaboration with “STAY”. Shows again in fourth place Olivia Rodrigo, This time with “Good 4 U”, which also won the title Spotify 2021’s Summer Song. The fifth most listened song to climb the charts is “Levitating (with dabbing)”. Doa lipa.

When it comes to the most listened albums of 2021 worldwide, Olivia Rodrigo The Crown claims again: their first album, SOUR, was obviously a bit sweet. Future nostalgia by Doa lipa In second place, Justice D Justin Bieber, = Of Ed Sheeran And The planet is his Doja cat in third, fourth and fifth place.

The most listened podcast worldwide

Coming out for its first full year as Spotify Exclusive, Joe Rogan experience It remains the number one podcast on Spotify worldwide. After that call rate from Daddy, fearless Alex Cooper, Which became a Spotify exclusive in 2021. True crime and news are still popular in the media Crime junkie, TED speaks every day And Daily Complete the list.

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The wait is over: here’s a complete list of 2021 songs, artists, albums and podcasts.

Most listened to by artists worldwide

  1. Bad rabbit
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. BTS
  4. Drake
  5. Justin Bieber

World’s Most Streaming Album

  1. Talk From Olivia Rodrigo
  2. Future nostalgia From Doa lipa
  3. Judgment From Justin Bieber
  4. = From Ed Sheeran
  5. The planet is his From Doja cat

The most listened song worldwide

  1. “Driver’s license” From Olivia Rodrigo
  2. “Montero (call me by your name) From Lil Nas X.
  3. “Stay (with Justin Bieber)” From KID LAROI
  4. “Good 4 U” From Olivia Rodrigo
  5. “Wave (Activity. DaBaby)” From Doa lipa

The most popular podcast worldwide

  1. Joe Rogan experience
  2. Call her father
  3. Crime junkie
  4. TED speaks every day
  5. Daily

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