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Additionally, now available on Spotify 2021 Wrap Hub, Which features a variety of personalized, data-driven, and editorially curated content. You will find:

  • Your best song 2021 – One of our most popular playlists takes you down the memory lane and lets you rediscover the most listened songs of the year.
  • Reveal your artist – Helps fans deepen their connection with the producers with personalized podcast episodes and songs featuring the best artists of the year.
  • The best track and artist of 2021 – Data-driven playlists featuring music from top artists worldwide and in your local market.
  • The best new podcast of 2021 – Data-driven selection of new podcasts from inspiring creators pushing boundaries.
  • The best episodes of 2021 – Curated selection of the best podcast episodes throughout the year.
  • The best of 2021 – Data-driven and editorially curated music playlist to return to the best songs of 2021 in each genre.
  • Looking back on 2021 – Music and podcasts that relate to 2021.
  • 2021 Wrap: Mix – Compare the taste of your music in 2021 with a friend and get a mixed playlist, as well as access everything you’ve already created.

Also, we’re adding a special surprise: videos from over 170 creators thanking fans for wrapping them up. These videos can be viewed if fans have a song by one of the artists participating in the playlist “Your Best Song 2021” or “Your Artist Published”. In addition, for the first time, we’re rolling out Spotify clips for podcasts, so fans can go to the show’s page on Spotify and see a special “thank you” message from some of their favorite podcast hosts.

Eligible users today will be able to access their personalized wrapping experience, especially on the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android).

What’s more, we’re bringing our Rapid Creator experience for podcasters and artists today. Creators will be able to see what their fans have heard this year through their own personalized Rapid Microsite experience. Check out Spotify for artists And Spotify for podcasters To learn more. We will also celebrate Rapid On Spotify GreenroomথমFirst for fans to hear directly from their favorite creators about their own rapped results for their year, including private, password-protected rooms – as well as special wrapping episodes of our two biggest live shows, “The most necessary live“And”Welcome to Life.

This year’s Rapid Experience is full of insights into artists, songs, genres, and podcasts that define your listening in 2021 — all made just for you.

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