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The songs we listen to and the playlists we create are our reflection. They force us to dance in such a way that no one is watching or singing at the top of our lungs. You may not realize it, but the music you stream has matched your unique “audio aura” কিছুsomething you’ve probably seen. 2021 wrapping experience.

What is an aura? According to Ora Reader and Host Get to know your aura with the mysterious Michaela Podcasts, Mysterious Michela, It’s your personal strength signature. Everyone has one, and those readers see them as a combination of colors, representing every feature that makes you, you.

Each year, Spotify gives listeners a personal summary of their listening habits through Wrapped. And this year, for eligible users, Wrapped includes something new: your audio aura.

Like you, audio has power, so in 2021 we’ve worked with Spotify to assign a color to each of the six mood-describing sections (“happy,” “calm” and “optimistic”) to connect your listening habits to the aura spectrum. Matching them with tracks7

After we’ve created your personalized 2021 wrapped experience, we’ve set a weight percentage for the two audio “moods” that best represent your listening, and the final product is a rolling gradient of color. Below are six moods and related characters that may come up in your 2021 Rapid Audio Arat.

  • Purple: This aura color blends well with emotional music listeners. Purple aura tune in to be spacious, entertaining and moving while navigating their day turns and turns.
  • Green: Calm, analytical and underlying features describe the green aura. These listeners are attracted to complex music to control their fast moving minds.
  • Pink: Often described as the hopeless romantic of the aura spectrum, the Pink sees the world with a sense of optimism, childish wonder.
  • Orange: Orange is kind of rebellious and brave. They share a need for high-energy, confidence-boosting words.
  • Yellow: Yellow likes their music to align them with their day goals, accelerating their focus, motivation and self-improvement needs while reducing any nerves that can get in the way.
  • Blue: Blues are either sensual or emotional, and this color reflects the audience who are looking for music to feel their emotions.

We talked to Mystic Michaela about Aras, their relationship with music and how knowing your aura can help you find your authentic self.

How do you know that you can see and read Aras?

I have seen color around people all my life. It’s a sensation to me, just like the smell. But I didn’t have a formal way of thinking about it until I became a Spanish teacher. I realized that I was separating the instructions [to my middle school students] Their aura is based on color. I have seen that red-haired children succeed in competitions. I’ve noticed that kids with yellow acne really need to focus on grammar. I noticed that children with purple auras got the language much better when they could create art with it.

And so through that, I realized, it’s a lot bigger than the color around people. It’s about people understanding themselves and understanding that “I work this way, and you work that way.” Both are fine, but you need to use this information to find out who you are, not who you think you should be.

How does Audio Arras provide extra insight into a person’s wrapping?

When listeners go to their audio auras, I really feel like they will be able to see more of themselves and have an introspective conversation. You know, “Who am I and why do I listen to what I hear? What am I looking for? What’s my inner soul really saying? ”And I think it’s really going to be a creative and spiritual conversation that people can have with themselves, but they want to define it.

One of your primary goals is to help people live their lives honestly. How can a person’s audio aura help them do this?

Suppose, I got yellow as one of my colors, because audio aura yellow is much more about self-improvement and motivation and calming one’s nerves. Then I would ask myself, “Is this me, or is this something I’m trying to do? Am I calming my nerves about it? What parts of my life need this kind of energy to come and help me?”

I think it’s helpful to ask yourself some of these questions, because your audio aura reveals the power that makes you feel comfortable and the vibes you want to borrow.

Throughout our lives, we are constantly pretending to be someone [else]. You can wear a different energy color to fit. But when you put your earbuds, when you put your playlists together – that’s you. And when you press Next, or if you say, “I like it, I’ll hear it 10 times,” it’s you. And that’s why I feel so attached to the audio array, because whatever it reflects, it’s an extension of its own.

Ready for your reading? Head For your personalized audio aura and complete 2021 wrapping experience.

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