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Laces are an easy and inexpensive gift and are a great way to bring your hotel key, ticket, Express Pass and MyUniversalPhotos card. Universal sells its own laces online and at the resort for $ 15 plus taxes, but cheaper laces can be found at other online stores. Be sure to buy a clear plastic backing, as Universal’s does not come with them.

Interactive wand (or gift card)

Wands are a must for any witch or witch worth her weight in gallons. Universal also sells wands that make fun accessories for park guests and great collectibles at home. In addition, the interactive wands work inside the parks to trigger special effects around the two lands of the Magic World. Wands are sold in parks, on CityWalk and online.

Wizards who want the wand to pick the Olivanders assistant will prefer a Universal Orlando gift card for the price of a tax wand, which at the time of posting is $ 62.84.

The Unofficial Guide to Subscribing to Universal Orlando and Touring Plans

Let’s play our own horn: Universal Orlando’s unofficial guide and a subscription to tour plans are great gifts for first-timers. For those unfamiliar, The Unofficial Guide is Universal Orlando’s premier guide with reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions, shows, and attractions. The guide starts at $ 19.99 and is available where all books are sold.

The perfect addition to the Unofficial Guide is a subscription to Universal Orlando Touring Plans. Priced at $ 8.95 a year, the subscription includes an updated crowd prediction schedule, customizable tour plans, and full use of our Universal Orlando Lines app. Subscriptions can be purchased online or you can get a FREE year by booking a trip to Universal Orlando through our Touring Plans travel agency!

Intermediate fans

Universal t-shirts

(photo by Michael Carelli)

Extend your favorite fan wardrobe with t-shirts based on Universal Orlando attractions and events! Universal sells dozens of t-shirts at the resort and online, but we also like the unique t-shirt designs of The Lost Bros and Magical Me Supply Co. For Harry Potter fans, we recommend a home quidditch t-shirt or pick up Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts for the rioters of your life.

Sling bag

Touring Plans loves bags! They are perfect for holding water bottles, ponchos, a portable battery, snacks and even a wand. While there are many styles of bags for various needs, I personally find sling style bags to be the best for the theme park tour. They are lightweight, comfortable to carry and small enough to fit inside Universal’s free small lockers.

Fast charging portable battery

We all use our phones constantly in the parks to book virtual return times, to order food on our mobile or just to entertain ourselves in the queues. A fast charging portable battery for mobile phones is a great gift to fit inside this new bag. The Wirecutter recommends the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux for its load speed, overall capacity, and small size.


Similar to Disney’s PhotoPass, Universal’s MyUniversalPhotos service offers free photos of park photographers and travel photos. MyUniversalPhotos is available in one-day packages, multi-day packages, and one-year options for annual pass holders. Photo packages are available for purchase online or at the park.

Hard core

Retro Merch

For fans watching Defunctland and Expedition theme parks on YouTube, Universal Studios Florida retro merchandising will be in place. Jackets (top), t-shirts, mugs, glassware and more with removed attractions and the old logo are available in the Universal Orlando online store.

Mandara Spa Gift Card

(photo by Mike Sperduto)

Let your friend or family member take a break from the exciting walks and relax at the Mandara Spa at Loews Portofino Bay Resort. Spa services include massages, facials, body wraps, acupuncture, aromatherapy, salon services and more. There is a complete list of offers and prices for online services; Gift cars and gift quotes can be purchased online or by calling 407-503-1244.

Annual subscription

It offers year-round access to the parks with an annual Universal Orlando pass. Season tickets are available in a variety of options based on shutdown days, perks and the addition of the Volcano Bay water park. Season tickets start at $ 299 and go up to $ 789 plus taxes and are available online.

Event tickets

Universal Orlando is ripe with a host of events beyond the ubiquitous Halloween Horror Nights. Hard Rock Live at CityWalk often features touring musicals, comics and other performers. Portofino Bay Hotel hosts Harbor Nights, a fun night of food, drinks and live music in Portofino’s iconic Harbor. Royal Pacific is home to Jake’s Beer Dinner, which offers unique beers from across the country combined with food. The Hard Rock Hotel features Velvet Sessions, an intimate concert experience with up-and-coming, famous performances. All of these experiences can be purchased online.

What are some of your favorite Universal Orlando gifts you’ve given or received? Leave them in the comments below!

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