New at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – A stunning collection of princesses and new pines!

Let’s go back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, living our best lives inspired by movie stars!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

In terms of splendor and glamor, Hollywood Studios is where it stands, and even the delights of its 50th anniversary have a bit of shine! Also, where else can you get into a roller coaster playing Aerosmith music, dive into the depths of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, shrink to the size of a toy, and walk a Star Wars advanced! Only in Hollywood, girl! And we have all the news of the park right here!

Hollywood Studios food upgrades

ABC Commissioner

At the ABC Commissary, it looks like the flats are being worked on.

Work in progress

We will be attentive to the construction to keep you informed!

Here’s where to get a BIG $ 4 cookie at Disney World right now!

Hollywood Studios product updates

Hollywood’s Mickey’s

We’re finding a lot of great gift ideas in parks like this one Minnie Mouse 12 day bath and body set. How fun!

Minnie’s bath set and body!

This is available for $ 24.99.

Check out the Disney character lip balms you can get at Disney World!

Dark room

We found some super adorable ones 101 Dalmations Pins, including the one featuring Roger Darling AND THE PUPPIES WITH HATS!

Fine & Dandy

This pin shows the puppies gathered around the TV, where Walt Disney appears and the carpet where they are sitting says “Walt Disney Day 2021”.


We also found something new Pins of the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. There’s a Belle reading in Beast …

Beauty and the Beast

… one of the Beasts that Belle reads …

Beast reading Belle

… one of Belle reading to a sheep …

Bella reads to the animals

… and one of the Belle TRYING to read to Gaston, but we know it won’t work well if the book doesn’t have pictures! These pines are all $ 19.99 each.

Oh, Gaston!

There is also one Collection of mystery pines for the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast available for $ 19.99.

Mystery pin

Or you can opt for this great one Beauty and the Beast Jumbo Pin.


This pin is $ 54.99.

Here’s how a supply issue could affect your Disney World purchases

Sunset Couture

Do you want to be stylish and represent yourself? Now you can grab a really cool one Minnie Mouse Initial Necklace at Sunset Couture.

Representative Minnie And yourself

These necklaces would also be a great gift! The necklaces are only available in selected letters, so be sure to check and see if the letter you want is available.

The December Times is already included for 2 nightly shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Find out here!

Robbers Keystone

If you’re a fan of Marvel, you’ll want to take a look at this SWEET novelty Spider-Man hooded sweatshirt.

I love this hoodie!

But even better, take a look at the back of this sweet Spider-Man hoodie. It can be all yours if you go through Keystone Clothiers.

Hood back

We also found some new Marvel Legends figures, including one Invincible figure of Iron-Man

Invincible Iron-Man

… A Figure Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

… Ia Figure of Loki. These are all $ 14.99 each.

Classic Loki

We detected a new one for us Star Wars sweatshirt per $ 34.99 here too.

New Star Wars sweatshirt

Spider-Man: No Way Home It will hit theaters soon, so we’re already seeing some new Spidey merchandise (or at least new to us) in stores, including this one. Spider-man figure.

New figure of Spidey

There is also one Spider-Man figure in his black suit.


There is one Mysterious figure, too. These figures are $ 14.99 each.


If you have a kid who is a Spider-Man fan, you can take a look at this Spiderman t-shirt for kids per $ 24.99.

Great children’s shirt

And there are also some new toys, including one Spider-Man Web Bolt per $ 24.99.

Be like the spider man!

There is even a set with Spider-Man: No Way Home Jet!

From the NEW movie!

This toy set is available for $ 49.99.

Check out this Mickey Spider-Man ear hat!

Majestic Theater

We found a NEW collection of princesses on this site! There is one Belle Adventure T-shirt


… A Cinderella “That’s love” t-shirt


… A Ariel T-Shirt “Use Your Voice”.

Use your voice

… Ia Jasmine’s cropped t-shirt “I’m Like A Shooting Star”..

A whole new world

These t-shirts are $ 49.99 each.

Check out which SURPRISE princess recently visited the Magic Kingdom

Rock around the store

The MADE kiosk has a new offer here: a Minnie Mouse 50th Anniversary Dog / Luggage Tag.


So here’s a little 50th birthday souvenir you can pick up!

Now there’s the 50th anniversary ANTHER designer bag collection at Disney World – here’s where to find it!

Tatooine merchants

There is something new for us Figure by Boba Fett now available at Tatooine Traders.

Boba Fett!

This figure is $ 34.99.

This $ 1,000 Boba Fett autographed jacket supports a great cause! More information here!

That’s all we have at Hollywood Studios right now, but stay tuned because we’ll be back with more updates!

Here’s ANOTHER reason to watch the Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Do not miss it Cap Disney fun!

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