REVIEW: A Coca-Cola-tipped Eggnog at Disney World? Yes please!

We only LOVE the Disney World holiday season, no?

Happy holiday!

One of the best things about the holiday season is that you look at it differently traditions that people have. Some people do the Santa Claus secret, others do 5k on vacation, but here we try all the holiday delights, snacks and drinks you can find at Disney parks and score them! Funny, right? Today we tried a new drink festive drink at Disney Springs, and we’ll give you our summary!

Every month, the Coca-Cola beverage bar on the roof has an outstanding drink of the month and of course they would participates in all the Disney holiday hype We’ve been watching Disney World!

December drink!

This holiday mix is ​​the NEW Coca-Cola Eggnog, and has Coca-Cola, Egg Dumpling, Hennessy and Cinnamon!

Fun Coca-Cola Holiday Cocktail!

This drink was one a good twist on a normal-tipped egg dumpling, and if you’re not a big Hennessy fan, the combination of egg and Coca-Cola masks it well!

Coca-Cola Pomoc!

If you are it is not great in carbonation, you may want to skip it, as it sometimes took away the flavors of the drink. There were also times when the the combination of flavors did not mix better, but overall the drink was great! Definitely try it if you are one Connoisseur of holiday cocktails, soft drink fans or need a kick of Henny on your Disney Springs day!

Sun and cinnamon in Coca-Cola Eggnog!

That drink was $ 15 and is available at Coca-Cola Store Orlando Rooftop Beverage Bar! We loved trying all the new holiday treats and drinks at the Disney parks, and we were thrilled mark this on our drinks list today! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news!

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Are you going to try the Coca-Cola eggnog at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments!

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