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Product accessibility has always been a focus for Spotify. Earlier this year, We’ve introduced improvements to Spotify’s mobile experience that include buttons with enhanced readability features, text resizing options and a beta for podcast transcripts.

However, we acknowledge that more needs to be done to ensure an inclusive experience for audiences as well as our artists and producers. So today, we’re reaffirming our focus on accessibility and announcing that Spotify has joined Precious 500, A global network of companies committed to disability inclusion

At Spotify, our platform is for everyone, and so is our workplace. No matter where you come from, what you look like, or what sounds on your headphones, you’re welcome. Diversity, inclusion, and ownership are at the heart of Spotify, and we’re committed to making it accessible to all.

Here’s how we’re meeting 500 valuable goals for our workplaces, platforms, and users:

Our bandmates: The more perspectives we present and expand in the halls of Spotify, the more we will all contribute, prosper and shine. We are committed to embed disability inclusion and accessibility in everything we do for our people around the world. We continue to develop our global mental health initiatives, Heart and Soul, and are committed to making our global office spaces fully accessible and inclusive.

Audience: Spotify is part of the lives of over 381 million people worldwide, and making sure our platform is accessible to all is a priority. Our Dedicated Accessibility team focuses on creating an inclusive experience for all, and will continue to ensure that we are building a product with accessibility at its core.

Artist and creator: Our platform is strong, and we’re using it to spread the voice, story and culture of marginalized and under-represented communities around the world. We will continue to develop our support for artists and producers with disabilities and use our platform to share their talents.

We all have the best intentions, but not enough for us. To promote a diverse and inclusive culture, we have applied a dedicated global diversity, inclusion and related strategy. Read more about our work Here.

Valuable 500 was launched in 2019 Caroline Casey, An award-winning social entrepreneur. On us Marked! Podcast, a show About the intersection of leadership and diversity, Listeners can listen to Caroline learn more about the global network and learn tips on how to break the silence about disability.

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