A overlooked place in the Magic Kingdom Got a makeover from Alice in Wonderland!

Disney World is no stranger excellent theming.

Tangled Baths in the Magic Kingdom

Whether it’s whole lands, restaurants, or even bathrooms, we love a great theme, and this Magic Kingdom site just made a wonderful makeover!

If you’ve ever had a child in the parks who needs to cool off or needs services such as diapers, pacifiers, baby wipes or more, Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center it’s a great resource! And the place that is often lost is just reopened with a whole new look! The whole site has been re-themed Alice in Wonderland! Today we were able to take some photos and it is very nice.

Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

The area has chairs and tables as well select baby goods.

Baby walk to the Baby Care Center

What is really great about the new decorations are all the details! This sign with the White Rabbit can be found inside, and we love it!

Baby Care Center Poster

Here is a close-up of one of the illustrations by Alice which can be found in the wallpaper …

Alice Wallpaper!

… As well as the White rabbit!

White Rabbit on Baby Care Center Wallpaper

He Queen of hearts also makes an appearance!

Queen of Hearts Wallpaper!

There are also several shelves in the room that include tons Alice in Wonderland Easter eggs and references. This includes an Alice doll!

Shelf at the Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

This one has Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s hats!

Shelf at the Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

Here is another shelf with Alice in Wonderland decoration.

Shelf at the Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Center

They even have a huge closet full of tea sets for decorating – their own crazy tea party!

Cabinet at Alice in Wonderland Baby Care Station

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