Trips you will regret paying for at Disney World

Disney Genie was recently introduced to My Disney Experience as a new planning tool that guests can use for their vacation. Genie + was also introduced, replacing the FastPass + system at Disney World.

Lightning lane

Per $ 15 per day per person You can access 46 attractions to make reservations for your Lightning Lanes (formerly FastPass + lane), which are used to skip the waiting lines. But you can only make one reservation at a time (except for the 120-minute rule). Some attractions are not included with Genie +, but are selections of individual attractions for which you can pay separately to use your Lightning Lanes.

These options can be very useful when trying to make the most of your time at Disney World parks, but there are some attractions where you may want to consider not spending that money.

Here are the attractions you can pay for at Disney World!

Magical Kingdom

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is just one of the fantastic sites in Magic Kingdom. While this trip is popular, you can usually drop it on a rope and experience below average waits.

Space Mountain Line

It may not be best to spend your money on this one individually, but queue early or keep an eye on waiting times throughout the day.

Seven dwarf mine train

This is the other trip to select individual attractions in Magic Kingdom. Seven Dwarfs usually have the longest waiting time in the park, so paying individually to skip the queue could be beneficial. However, this trip is very short, so it may not be good value for money.

Seven dwarf mine train

You can also drop seven dwarfs in the morning to experience a shorter waiting time.

The Barnstormer starring the great Goofini

Using a Genie + reservation in Barnstormer ?! Unless you’re just trying to include as many attractions as possible with Genie + (but we’ve already done that for you). Barnstormer is not known for having long wait times, so save your Genie + reservations for other attractions.

The Barnstormer

Aladdin’s magic rugs

The same goes for Aladdin’s magic carpets. Long wait times are unusual for this trip, so don’t use your Genie + reservation.

Aladdin’s magic rugs

Plus, this is just a different version of the classic Dumbo Ride – make a reservation for Dumbo!


Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is available for the selection of individual attractions, but you may not have to pay to skip the queue for it. While it’s a very popular trip that can see high waiting times, you can usually time it well to avoid the longest waiting times of the day.

Frozen Ever After

Dropping the Frozen Ever After rope is a great way to avoid those very long waits you can see later in the day (and avoid paying to ride it).

Earth spacecraft

It is true that there are times when the spacecraft Earth can see high waiting times, but it is common to see decently low waits on this trip.

Spaceship landline

Remember it moves continuously, so guests get there faster than other attractions that stop and load.

Less popular attractions

And now for the attractions in EPCOT that don’t usually have long waiting times and it’s not worth making a Genie + reservation. Journey to the imagination with the imagination, The seas with Nemo and his friends, Living with the earth, i Pixar Short Film Festival they all fall into this category.

Journey to the imagination

These trips are likely to have short waiting times at some point in the day while you are at EPCOT, if not for most of the day.

Hollywood Studies

Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad

This is one of the trips to Hollywood Studios that you can pay individually to skip the queue. Runaway Railway is certainly a popular attraction, and is one that the whole family can do, so it is also a great attraction.

Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad

But if you drop the rope, you should be able to experience a shorter wait than if you tried to ride it later in the day. You can plan your trip if you need to pay for this trip.

Stage shows and entertainment

There really is no need to make a Genie + reservation for stage shows at Hollywood studios like the Celebration of Frozen Sing-Along i Beauty and the Beast – Live on stage. It’s not like there are large crowds trying to get into theaters for these, and there’s plenty of room for crowds lining up.

Beauty and the Beast

Entertainment like the Disney Junior Dance Party also falls into this category.

Who wants to dance?

Right now, the attraction is not available, but when it was available, guests were generally able to experience it easily.

Alien swirling dishes

This trip only lasts about 90 seconds and honestly feels shorter than that. We don’t recommend using Genie + for this trip unless you just have to go there and the wait is long.

Alien swirling dishes

But you can also leave this rope trip or find moments during the day when the wait should not be too long. Either way, this super short ride isn’t worth a long wait OR a Genie + reservation.

Animal kingdom

Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition is one of the attractions included in the selections of individual attractions or pay per trip. Recently, it has been $ 7 per person to use Lightning Lane for this trip. We are here to tell you that you do NOT have to pay to climb Everest.


The waiting time is not too high for Everest unless it is a very busy time of year. Still, the line usually moves pretty fast. You can also drop this trip with a rope or save it until the end of the night. In the morning, the waiting time stays low for a decent amount of time, while most of the drip counters go to Pandora.

Single rider line

Everest has a single rider line, so if you don’t mind being separated from your group, it’s a great option and generally much shorter than the waiting time.

It’s hard to be a mistake and Friends with feathers in flight!

As we said before, you don’t really need to use Genie + in your programs. Waiting times are not usually high or only happen at certain times each day.

It’s hard to be a mistake

You can queue for the show you want to see a little ahead of time which should start if you want to secure a place. Don’t waste a Genie + reservation with these! You won’t need it unless it’s an exceptionally busy day like Christmas or July 4th.

Friends with feathers in flight

These are all attractions and attractions you will probably regret paying for at Disney World! Stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney tips, tricks and information.

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Have you regretted paying for a trip to Disney World that is not listed? Let us know in the comments!

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