How to Avoid the Disney World Holiday Crowd

If you visit Disney World for the holidays, there are some usually one thing you can count on: the crowds.

Holiday crowds

Celebrating your Disney World vacation is wonderful, though Bigger crowds aren’t always that fun. So what can you do to win over the crowds? We have a few suggestions that you can try when people start coming to you, so take a look!

Take breaks from the park

Pausing at Disney parks is probably the easiest way to escape the crowds. Of course, there may also be crowds in your resort, but they probably won’t be as busy as in the parks. Check out the activities you can do around your resort! Sometimes they cost an extra fee, though you usually make a fun souvenir to take home, as with this sand art activity in Art of Animation.

Sand Art Resort activity

You can rest too! Don’t want to sit in your hotel room? That’s all right! Many Disney World hotels have nice seating areas, such as Passenger lounge at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Sit back, have a coffee (or a cocktail, we won’t judge) and enjoy your rest.

Passenger lounge

Now, what if you don’t want to waste precious time on your resort? There are also options in the parks!

Check out the Rivera Resort Voyageurs’ Lounge here!

Find a quiet corner

You can find quieter and less crowded corners all over Disney World. Just look! They are often hidden in the farthest corners of the parks, so it may not always be easy to find. In the Magic Kingdom Storybook Circus area near Dumbo, rest in the yellow tent where there are many seats I even outlets to charge your phone.

Storybook circus rest area

At EPCOT, not all World Showplace pavilions are super crowded in general. He The Moroccan pavilion is often one of the quietest pavilions, with plenty of seating and shady places to relax.

Pavilion of Morocco

The next time you are at Disney World, take a walk to the far end of the park and you may find one of these quiet places.

Did you know this secret place to charge your phone in Magic Kingdom?

Use Secret Walks

Did you know that there are some? secret walkways all over Disney World? They usually have fewer people than the average catwalk, and you can Avoid the crowds by doing these secret routes. One of the best is the Walk between Africa and Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where you can not only escape the crowds, but also take beautiful pictures of the landscape.

Pandora’s Walk / Africa

There are other notable catwalks among them Adventureland and Frontierland to the Magic Kingdom, or enter Africa and Asia in the Animal Kingdom. Take a look at your map and remember you don’t always have to take the main roads!

More than 15 secret catwalks to beat the crowds at Disney World!

Visit a long attraction

Find a show or long walk, sit back and escape the crowd for a while. For example, the Room of Presidents is 25 minutes long and Magic Kingdom.

Room of Presidents

Carousel of Progress, also in Magic Kingdom, is 20 minutes and 45 seconds long! This is a good break.

Carousel of Progress

And if you pass by here For the first time and forever: a celebration of frozen singing, you can sit back and enjoy the show 30 minutes!

Seats at the Frozen Sing-Along celebration

There are many other shows and attractions all around Disney World with longer experiences, so plan on going through one if you need a break from the crowds!

Do you know which Disney World trips are the longest?

Make a dining reservation

Have one table service reservation it’s also a great way to sit back, breathe and enjoy a meal away from the crowds. Your restaurant may also be full, but at least you can take a break to maneuver among the crowds all over the park.

Our table at Steakhouse 71

You can book a dining reservation up to 60 days in advance but you can also book the same day if they are available! So even if you didn’t originally plan to eat at a restaurant, you may still be able to find one visit waiting list or book the same day if you need a desperate break.

Read more about booking Disney dining reservations here!

Visit Joffrey’s

And if you want coffee, goes through Joffrey’s instead of Starbucks. The majority Starbucks locations They are often full of people for an average day at Disney World, much less during a busy time.

Inside Starbucks

Joffrey’s coffee and tea, on the other hand, has several locations along each Disney Park and Disney Springs, so you’ll usually find shorter waits. And some people even prefer Joffrey’s to Starbucks!

Joffrey is in EPCOT

Although not Starbucks, Joffrey’s has many of your favorite coffee drinks, so try them out next time you don’t feel like queuing at Starbucks at Disney World.

Check out our Disney World Coffee Guide!

Get Disney Genie +

He Disney Genie Service has two payment options that allow you to skip the waiting lines and take the much shorter one Lightning lanes. You can get it Genie + for $ 15 a day per person to access more than 40 different attractions, or you can payment per trip for selected Disney World popular attractions.

Ascent of the Lightning Lane Resistance

So yes, it will cost you, but if waiting in the crowded queues is a problem for you, this is a way to help make the wait a little shorter. Consider yes Genie + can be something that interests your family.

Click here for more information on Disney Genie + and pay per trip!

There are many ways to escape the crowds at Disney World, but you may need to get creative! Try some of these tips the next time you feel overwhelmed by everyone visiting Disney World for the holidays. Keep consulting with DFB for more Disney park planning tips and tricks!

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