PHOTOS: Disney’s iconic heroes and villains are in this pine collection!

Disney has had it ICONIC Hero / villain confrontations over the years!

Evil Dragon!

Maleficent and Aurora, Simba and Scar, Ariel and Ursula, even Mickey and Pete You have iconic rivalries! We love to see new merchandise at Disney parks, and this new collection celebrates some of Disney’s biggest fights!

This new collection of pines is everything Disney’s most iconic heroes and villains! We saw them today and are obsessed! Here is one of the pins that appear Baloo, Síndrome, Cruella de Vil, la Dra. Facilitate and Mother Gothel!

Pin of heroes and villains

The images of this pin rotate, so al The back of each of these characters is their hero or bad counterpart!

More characters in this pin of Heroes and villains!

This card pin also has a rotating image Maleficent on the one hand!

Pin of heroes and card villains

And he did Aurora on the other hand!

Aurora on the card pin!

This set of pins has some epic split-face images of some iconic Disney duets! We have Aladdin and Jafar, Herc and Hades, Mulan and Shan Yu, and Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

Pine set of heroes and villains!

Herc he also got his own pin by making it out with the hydra!

Pine of Heroes and villains of Hercules

This set has several busts the size of a pine Disney’s iconic characters!

Pine set of heroes and villains!

They even have one mood pin that changes color to reflect your personal level of vileness (or heroism!)

Pin of humor of heroes and villains

This collection has a TONE of individual character pins too! Here are all the ones we found!

Pines of heroes and villains!

These pines are unique and there are so many to choose from, so check them out! Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news!

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Want to take a look at these pines of heroes and villains? Let us know in the comments!

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