The BEST Individual Snack at the EPCOT Festival Festival, according to YOU

We’re big fans of food all over the world at EPCOT, and right now you can make this holiday style with the EPCOT International Festival Festival. This year’s festival had some of the favorites back as well as new snacks, drinks and even a whole new holiday cuisine to try!

The EPCOT Festival of the Holidays!

We already have a list of our favorite items at this year’s festival, but we wanted to know what you liked best. We’ve been organizing the Festival of the Holidays Food Face-Off on our Instagram page, with readers voting for their favorites. Now, we’ve finally reached the time you’ve all been waiting for: the results are IN.

It’s been a grueling competition with lots of good snacks and sweets on the bracket. But there can only be one winner. Let’s take a look at our finalists in this year’s Festival Food Festival.

Snack time

First, stirring the salty snacks, we had the Cheese fondue in a bread bowl from Bavarian holiday cuisine.

Cheese in a bowl of bread!

This snack is a bowl of bread stuffed with cheese fondue, served with baby vegetables and marbled potatoes next to. You can get one for $ 8.25. It was a delicious, shareable, and also very versatile option, as we love to dip just about any liquid cheese snack.


But is it enough to face our next competitor? He Chocolate Crinkle Cookie from American holiday table is advocating sweets at this festival.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Made with DOVE Dark Chocolate

This crumpled chocolate chip cookie is covered with a square of dark chocolate Dove, and only costs $ 2.50! It has long been one of our favorites as it is rich, moist and very tasty.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Made with DOVE Dark Chocolate

So who came out victorious from this holiday smackdown? The chocolate chip cookie takes the crown!

The Crinkle Cookie takes the crown!

It was a pretty even race, though 59% of our readers voted Chocolate Crinkle Cookie as the BEST thing at this year’s EPCOT Festival Festival. Is it the taste of dark chocolate? Or the sticky texture? Or maybe this surprisingly low price? Turns out there are many reasons to love this cookie. You can get one at American holiday table stand (located in the American Adventure Pavilion).

American holiday table

And it’s also part of the cookie walk, where you can buy five different cookies around the World Showcase and then take the completed cookie walk map to Candy and candy stand for a delicious prize (or two).

Cookie ride

That’s all for the food show at this year’s Festival Festival. Keep following DFB for more news on the best Disney food to try on your vacation!

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What is your favorite food or drink at the EPCOT Festival Festival? Let us know in the comments!

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