The gift card problem you didn’t expect to face at Disney World

Disney Gift Cards – they can be the perfect gift for the fan who has it all, a great way to help you meet your budget while you’re at Disney World, and also a fun keepsake!

Gift cards

You’re probably familiar with Disney’s physical gift cards (including the ones we usually see with bracelets on EPCOT during the festival season). But have you ever bought a Disney digital gift card and used it in parks? If you are thinking of doing this on your next trip, we have important information you need to know.

During a recent trip to EPCOT, we saw a few signs warning guests that they can purchase a Disney eGift gift card (essentially a Disney digital gift card).

Digital gift card sign

The signs were placed in several shops near the cash registers …

Can you find the signal?

… And also close to some merchandise.

Signs here too

Signs advise guests to go to a specific website (offers.disney.com/FotH21) to purchase their gift cards. We usually see the wrist version of Disney gift cards offered at many EPCOT festivals, but this year we haven’t seen any for the Festival Festival. Looks like this could be a digital replacement for these bracelet gift cards (mainly because the website even contains the phrase “FotH21”, apparently meaning Festival of the Holidays 2021). This could also improve Disney’s environmental goals of reducing waste in parks.

When you are ready to purchase your digital card, you can visit the website or scan the QR code. You will then enter your information to purchase the gift card, which has one fun holiday design.

© Disney

After entering this initial information, you will be directed to a screen where you will fill in your billing information. Then you can pay and activate your gift card.

© Disney

The activated gift card can then be used at all Disney food stands or other on-site restaurants and shops. Be sure to check and see if your site accepts Disney gift cards as a form of payment. Cast members will be able to scan your digital gift card information to your phone and you won’t need a physical card, which can be a big advantage for some.

However, if you want to buy one of these gift cards during your next trip, you need to know something first. According to a cast member we spoke with, it takes approximately ONE HOUR from the time of purchase to the time you can start using this gift card.

It may take some time for your gift card to work

shopDisney points out that your Disney gift card e-gifts can take up to 24 hours to receive, so it may come as no surprise that there are some delays with these e-gift cards when purchased at the park, but you may still be surprised by those who are used to immediately using their physical gift cards in parks.

© Disney

If you were planning to buy this gift card as a budgeting technique (or simply to facilitate your payments) and start using it immediately at EPCOT or other parks, this is something to keep in mind. It seems that immediate use (which is something you can do with physical gift cards) may not be possible with digital gift cards (according to the cast member we spoke with).

If a digital gift card is the way to go for your next trip (save yourself the hassle of having to look for a credit card or other form of payment), consider buying the digital gift card before the day . , so you can give your system enough time to process everything and get ready to start shopping. If you’re not ready to wait that long, you can grab a physical gift card at the parks. We spotted some with 50th anniversary designs and also saw the $ 100 gift cards with the pins available.

Physical Gift Card

What do you think? Are you a fan of digital gift cards, physical gift cards, or not a gift card? Tell us in the comments below. And stay tuned for more Disney news.

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Digital gift cards, physical gift cards or any gift card? Tell us what you prefer in the comments below.

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