Spotify – 5 ways to connect with your friends on Spotify

Just last week, Spotify unveiled our 2021 wrapping experience, giving listeners the opportunity to reflect on their streaming habits throughout the year. It has become a moment of enjoyment — and maybe even judgment — of listening to friends and family, thanks to the element of social sharing between you. Wrap experience On Spotify.

Wrapping in the power to bring people together does not stand alone. Social sharing Helps to connect friends, family and fans remotely The audience came in droves with the features of Spotify Group sessions And Collaborative playlist, To share what they hear — and to have a good time.

But this audio is not the only way to connect with the love you share. Below, we outline five simple options for sending or showing what you’re hearing with people close to you, literally or figuratively.

1. Show your music on your sleeve

Confident in your taste and ready to visit your friends? Yours Friend activity Tools for you. Friend Activity is displayed on the right side of your desktop app and you can use it to see the listening activity of the people you follow on Spotify. (People who follow you will be able to see yours.) To turn it on, go to “Settings” and “Share my listening activity on Spotify.”

All new Spotify users will see an empty buddy activity on the desktop. You can also find your friends on Spotify by connecting your Facebook accounts from the “Add Friends” button at the top right of Friend Activity. You can turn off your sharing at any time.

2. Share socially anywhere from Spotify

We know that Spotify fans like to share their wrapped cards on social channels like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And new this year, we’ve added the ability to share 2021 wrapped cards on TikTok.

Wrapped aside, Spotify makes it easy to send a link to a song, album, artist, playlist or podcast directly on most social media or texting apps. Find just three dot menus (…) on your phone or desktop app.

Once you click or tap on those three points, scroll down to the “Share” option. From there, you’ll be asked to share one of the many apps on your device from Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and SMS. Or, use the “copy link” to send it wherever you like.

You can share canvas videos on Instagram and Snapchat, as well as podcast timestamps. How to read.

3. Create perfect Spotify code for pictures

Want to share something you’re listening to “IRL”? Perhaps you are creating a shared playlist for your dorm, workplace or club and want to spread the word. You can easily create a Spotify code, a QR-like “scannable” tag that can be used to quickly share or access a content within Spotify. Spotify code can be created for artist profiles, brand profiles, playlists, albums and songs. And you can access them just like you would any QR code: with your phone’s camera.

To create a Spotify code, you need to take a Spotify URI. To find one, right-click and hold “Options” on the Mac or “alt” On PC — or tap or click হাত on the right side of the screen — then select “Share” and click “Copy Spotify URI”. From there, you can paste the URI in it Au site To create a URI, choose a color or design and save it for use anywhere.

Note: Spotify codes should not be placed on physical products for sale without the permission of the relevant rights holders.

4. Create a collaborative playlist

Collaborative playlists are a great way to exchange podcast recommendations, share your latest music discoveries, and create the perfect playlist – all together. Easily invite others to contribute and then see who has added a song or podcast and streamed it together or separately.

Select the playlist you want to collaborate on, then tap the “Add User” button in the header to collaborate the playlist. From there, you can start inviting others to add songs and podcast episodes on social media or messaging apps, or copy and paste the link. You can read more about collaborative playlists Here.

Note: There’s also the option to block people from viewing your activity on your partner playlist or on Spotify. Head over to us Support page Find more.

5. Join a group session

Music and podcasts are always good when enjoyed with friends and loved ones — together or away. Our group session functionality allows Spotify Premium users around the world to simultaneously tune in to the same playlist or podcast. So regardless of the distance, you and your squad members can each listen to the same content at the same time on your own device, as well as control playback.

Groups can use this feature at once by sharing a “join” link with each other via a messaging app or social media. Read more about this feature and get inspired on how to use it Here.

To meet the needs of our listeners, we are constantly developing the Spotify experience and working to provide the best possible audio experience for listeners around the world. There are many ways to share your latest jams or of course listen to that podcast দিন let friends, family and even followers fall in love with the same thing you hear.

Can’t your friends get enough of the great taste? Try creating a mixed playlist to combine your two distinct musical tastes into a shared playlist created just for both of you. Learn more Here.

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