A piece of Walt Disney’s childhood will be part of the transformation from Toontown to Disneyland

Disney recently announced big plans Transform Disneyland’s Toontown Area.

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Toontown is currently scheduled closes in March 2022 and reopens in early 2023 with a new walk and a totally reimagined space. In the meantime, we’ve learned a little more one of the most special parts of the new Toontown – and Walt Disney fans will want to hear that.

Although Toontown at Disney World was replaced in 2011, this cartoon land has remained at Disneyland since 1993. Inspired by the film Who framed Roger Rabbit, the area has colorful houses, such as cartoons, decoration and attractions. While Toontown is not going anywhere at Disneyland, it will soon be it undergoes a great transformation.

Toontown at Disneyland

One of the main parts of the remodeled Toontown will be a tribute to Walt Disney’s beloved Cottonwood Tree in Marceline, Missouri, where as a child he sat daydreaming. In fact, according to Marcy Carriker Smothers, as reported in the Orange County Registry, Walt Disney credited the tree “as the cradle of his imagination”And called him Tree of dreams.

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The new Toontown Dreaming Tree will have sculpted roots for children to climb, play and explore, and Toontown itself will be a full green space fun activities for children and families to enjoy.

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The Dreaming Tree in Toontown will not be the only Dreaming Tree in Disneyland, as in seedling seed of the original Cottonwood tree, which was unfortunately struck by lightning, was planted near the Mark Twain Riverboat in 2005, and later moved to the banks of America’s rivers. If you’re in Disneyland, you might find this “Son of the Dream Tree” located behind a tipi and a grave in the village of Lakota if you take a walk on any of the water transports of the rivers of America.

Mark Twain river boat

Walt Disney used some of his childhood memories playing under the tree of dreams inspiration for Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony cartoons. You can find another seedling grown from the seeds of the dream tree at Disney’s family farm in Marceline, and a third seedling is kept safe in case something happens to the other trees.

Toontown will close in March 2022 and reopen in 2023 with Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Keep reading DFB for more Disney news, history, and more!

Read more about plans to reimagine Disneyland’s Toon City here!

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