Geoff Kegley of The Game Awards tonight announces his predictions for the award and his hopes for future audio inventions.

Audio is playing a much bigger role in video games than ever before — from introducing catchy music to influencing listening habits long after the gamer logs off. Music and video game enthusiasts alike will be able to watch it live tonight Game Awards We reveal what gamers have heard the most on Spotify this year.

The festival is the culmination of a year of video games শো inspired listening. Gamers around the world have been able to enjoy Spotify-curated playlists for every gaming moment, including playlists. The best gaming track, Hip hop controller, And Soundscape for gaming, All dedicated gatherings Gaming hub. And earlier this year, we joined Esports Summit, one of the largest gaming events in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as our official audio partner. Spotify’s music experts have collaborated with gaming professionals to curate the summit Official playlist.

Leading up to tonight’s show, Game Award creator, executive producer and host Geoff Keigley Has launched an insightful podcast called Inside the Game Awards, Only available on Spotify. He welcomed the guests along with him on the occasion Tina Amini, Editor-in-Chief of IGN Entertainment, Jeff GarstmanFounder of the Giant Bomb website and Similarly, McDonald’s, At the video game editor Guardian, Nominees, to give an inside look at world premieres and music.

For an insider’s view of the award, For the record Geoff was asked about his predictions, the role of music in the video game experience, and more.

What are you waiting for at The Game Awards?

We’re really excited to be back in person with a live event. I’m also looking forward to showing fans some of our world premieres, which is a real form of next generation gaming.

What prompted you to launch the podcast? What do you expect from the fan experience?

As a show producer, you are always nominated and fight over how to give the fans context in the show. But you see all these amazing games on-screen Why Is Residents are evil villages Ready for the best game of the year? In terms of the speed of our show, you can never explain it to a home audience. The podcast is a great companion to the show to give listeners more insight Why certain games were nominated And how we build shows.

Another big year for gaming, what was your 2021 gaming highlight?

It could come at the Game Awards. We’re doing something really great with Epic Games and Unreal Engine 5 The uterus. It’s called “The Matrix Awake: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience.” It’s something you’ll see on the show but will actually experience on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S as well as the show.

Last year the viewership of the award increased by 74%! Why do you think the show resonates with gamers?

We are grateful for the visitors. This reflects the growth of gaming as a whole and the world community. I think that’s why people tune in: they feel a part of something bigger than themselves and want to join the celebration of games as the most powerful form of entertainment. I really try to create a celebration, look back on that year and wait for what happens next.

The Game Awards orchestra is a big attraction for the audience. What musical moments can viewers expect this year?

Sting From will serve his incredible songs Arkan, “What could have happened”তিনিAnd he’s doing it with our Game Award Orchestra! There will be a very special performance from us Imagine a dragonWith some special guests from the video game world. And, of course, orchestral music will be a big part of the show. Lorne Balf He is back as our music director and we will play lots of video game music.

Spotify is sharing what gamers have streamed the most this year. How does music affect the gaming experience?

Music is such a key part of gaming. It’s always been, and we see it with our show. Fans love the live orchestra. I think we all have memories of a game’s main scene or moment that was enhanced by the music. For me, that was the moment. “Far away“From Jose Gonzalez Inside Red rescued the dead. It was the perfect song at the perfect moment. In many ways, I want more artists to write basic songs and music for games.

Do you have a favorite gaming track or song?

I’m very partial to the theme song Mystery of Monkey Island. Theme Song for that and adventure games Gabriel Knight! These are two of my favorites that I often hear on Spotify for fun.

Why do you think audio is playing a big role in gaming and sports? Do you predict that this trend will continue?

Overall, audio is an important part of the gaming experience — I think we all dream of a live audio experience, like when your radio station is updated live in real time with in-game Spotify playlists. It’s my dream: to have a live-service audio experience in a constantly evolving game.

Don’t miss tonight’s Game Awards with Geoff at 4:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm ET / 12:30 am GMT. Until then, check out Geoff’s wrapped playlist.

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