Great updates on the current state of the cruise from a popular Florida port

As the situation changes with COVID-19, several businesses and industries continue to be affected, but some have also begun to see improvements.

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Although the cruise industry has been closed for quite some time, cruises have now resumed from many places and many companies, including Disney Cruise Line. Now, we have an update on how a cruise port departing from Disney to Florida is doing.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, more cruises continue to leave Port Canaveral. With the increase in activity, the general manager of the port is actually receiving an increase, which raises his salary to more than $ 500,000.

The cruise industry was one of many companies shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, Port Canaveral had its first revenue sailing in MORE than a year in July with the carnival carnival. Since then, Port Canaveral has hosted more passenger ships, including Disney Cruise Line cruises.

Disney dreams

The port’s fiscal year 2022 began on October 1, and Port Canaveral CEO John Murray discussed the status of several things in a meeting with port commissioners. According to Murray, they are “Trend in the right direction”. Murray shared it in October, the port received $ 5.4 million in cruise revenue (including parking).

The financial director of the port, Michael Poole, has indicated this November figures continue this upward trend.

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How many passengers has Port Canaveral seen in recent months? According to the Orlando Sentinel, this is what it looked like:

  • 94,000 passengers in August
  • 139,000 passengers in September
  • 206,000 passengers in October
  • 251,000 passengers in November
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The port budget predicts that the ships will be around 50% of their capacity by December. Then they project that ships will increase to 75% during the rest of fiscal year 2022.

During fiscal year 2021, there were only 2 full months of cruise operations in Port Canaveral. Therefore, the total income of the port was “The lowest in nearly two decades.”

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For the year 2022, the projection is that the port “better” the record it set in 2019.. In 2019, they averaged about 55 boat calls a month. The figures seem to be approaching these levels, as in October there were 49 calls at the port of origin and 5 from visiting ships. As for Disney ships, there were some 13 port calls in October from Disney to Port Canaveral.

Including the November numbers, port numbers appear to be $ 2 above budget, and traffic looks set to increase.

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CEO Murray said: “Looking forward to the holiday season: Christmas, New Year, all our booking numbers seem very, very strong, so we’re looking forward to a very active cruise season this year. “In fact, December 26, 2021 will be the busiest port day since the COVID-19 stopped and restarted, as there will be 6 port at the same time.

The port also continues to raise money from the cargo.

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As part of recent budget decisions, the commission voted to increase Murray’s salary to $ 510,000 a year. The last time he received a pay raise was in February 2019.

Disney Cruise Line has announced several cruises for the coming years and has even shared details about a deal to have a new year-round port in Port Everglades. We are waiting for more news about cruises and we will surely share them with you.

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