Ranking of the best Disney World resorts for your holiday decor!

Happy Holidays, everyone! It’s the season, and that means one thing: Disney World vacation trips!

The trees have arrived!

If you are looking to choose a place to stay for your next vacation trip, here is our ranking of some of the best places to stay at Disney World during the holidays, depending on your decor!

6. Coronado Springs & Great Destination Tower

To start this list, we are looking at Coronado Springs and its extension, Gran Destino Tower! Despite being at the bottom of our list of best deals, this resort has definitely brought warmth when it comes to your holiday decor.

One of the trees in the Torre Gran Destino

The highlight of this resort is the interior decoration of the two-level lobby of the Great Destiny Tower, the beautiful architecture and glamorous style of the resort really lends itself to a festive overlay.

5. BoardWalk Inn

Next up is the BoardWalk Inn! This resort has it all: a beautiful tree, lots of decorations and a sample of gingerbread!

Boardwalk Gingerbread Display 2019

The classic beach atmosphere of the BoardWalk Inn reminds us of a beach holiday trip at a different time. This resort is within walking distance of EPCOT and Hollywood Studios i the other resorts in the EPCOT area (Beach Club, Yacht Club and Swan and Dolphin Resort), which give you easy access to many holiday delights!

Holidays at the Boardwalk Inn

4. Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness, with its rustic charm and fun campsites, came in fourth on our list! The wooded and pioneering style of the resort combines perfectly with Christmas trees, garlands and all other holiday decorations.

Fort Wilderness Holiday Decoration

The highlight of this resort, however, is the decor that the guests have put on! At Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, guests will see elaborate decorations worn by guests.

This is someone’s campsite!

3. Lodge of the Animal Kingdom

Full Disclosure: The next three were all top contenders for the top spot. Animal Kingdom Lodge, like Fort Wilderness, has many natural materials that blend perfectly with your holiday decor!

Holiday decoration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Plus, this huge lobby leaves plenty of room for a giant tree (really, it’s one of the biggest trees we’ve ever seen!). The design of this resort is absolutely stunning and makes it a very unique holiday experience; you can wake up and enjoy a view of giraffes and antelopes while sipping hot cocoa!

2. Great Florida

The following is a classic holiday destination: the Grand Floridian! The grand, Victorian look of the resort makes us think of a lovely royal holiday in a palace.

Disney’s Grand Floridian View

Of course, not to mention the giant gingerbread house ?! Grand Floridian is home to this famous cookie display that houses a candy store inside!

Is here!

Even with a giant pinch of bread, Grand Floridian couldn’t beat the resort we believe is number one!

1. Wilderness Lodge

Yes, Wilderness Lodge is our number one tourist destination! This has it all: the rustic atmosphere of Fort Wilderness, the large lobby and tree of Animal Kingdom Lodge and the classic Grand Floridian holiday charm.

Christmas tree at Wilderness Lodge

The moment you walk into Wilderness Lodge, it feels like vacation! With a huge fireplace and an even bigger tree, this one is sure to dazzle you.

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