Don’t underestimate the warm weather at Disney World next week!

Going to Disney World for the holidays? Then you need to be prepared for the weather!

Hollywood studios all equipped for the season

It may seem like a country of winter wonders, but it is far from feeling like one in terms of temperature. The last thing you want is to be sweating a lot while waiting in line for Slinky Dog or try to see Santa! So let’s take a look at next week’s weather at Disney World.

Here’s a look at AccuWeather next week before we break it down:

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Sunday 12 December

Sunday’s high will be 78 and it will be mostly cloudy and not as warm as expected. There should be a brief rain or two; there is an 80% chance of rain. Expect to use an umbrella for about an hour and a half.

Rain in Batuu

Sunday night’s low is 63 and it will be partly cloudy and mild, with light rain.

Monday, December 13th

Monday’s high will be 79 and it should be nice with a partial sun. So, still wear this sunscreen! There is only a 5% chance of rain.

This giant golf ball looks great

Monday Night there will be a low of 62 and it will be mostly clear with a 0% chance of rain.

Tuesday, December 14th

On Tuesday, the maximum will be 80 and we should have partial sun. There is a 1% probability of rain and 48% chance of clouds

Some clouds in the sky

On Tuesday night, the minimum will be 64 and it will be partly cloudy and hot. There is still only a 3% chance of rain.

Wednesday, December 15

Wednesday’s high is 82 and it will be nice with a partial sun. There is a 6% probability of rain.

We want to enter Rapunzel Tower

Wednesday night’s low is 65 and will be smooth with scattered clouds.

Thursday, December 16th

A high of 82 is expected again on Thursday with low clouds in the sky. The sun can rise later in the day, but there is only a 5% chance of rain.

Look at this view!

Thursday Night minimum will be 64 and should be clear to partly cloudy with only a 2% chance of rain.

Friday, December 17th

The maximum on Friday will be 84 and it should be sunny and very hot. There is only a 1% chance of rain.

A great day to see the Festival Festival!

Friday’s low is 63 and we will have clear skies. The probability of raining is still only 1%.

Saturday, December 18th

Saturday it will have a high of 83 and it will be very warm and sunny again with a 1% chance of rain.

Floating mountains in Pandora

Saturday Night, the minimum will be 66 and it will be clear with the possibility of rain remaining at 1%.

Christmas Fireworks!

This is our look at the weather for next week at Disney World! Stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney news and updates.

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What do you do when it rains at Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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