The DEFINITIVE ranking of the characters of Disney’s enchanted mansion

Note: This was a literally impossible task that required a lot of deliberation and sacrifice because we believe that all the characters in Haunted Mansion deserve first place (except for the bosses who show up in the graveyard and scare us, yes).

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic Disney attractions of all time and for good reason! It has innovative technology, memorable characters and some amazing songs (Grim Grinning Ghosts has a guaranteed place on my Halloween playlist every year, no doubt).

Welcome, stupid mortals

Today we go I try to rank our top ten Haunted Mansion characters! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Concierge is at the bottom of our list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it! This frightened gardener is the only living friend we have in the enchanted mansion, and we love him for it.

© Disney

In our ninth place is Sally Slater Also known as the loose rope portrait. We love all the shooting portraits of the enchanted mansion start, but this is definitely our favorite! There’s something about how he’s walking down the tightrope so casually despite the danger underneath.

Sally Slater is on the left!

This is not it technically an enchanted mansion character, but she’s too good not to include it! Madame Carlotta and his sister Madame Renata, they are the nieces of Master Gracey and go out to the Magic Kingdom during Halloween! They’re iconic characters (and fun to be with!), So we’ve included them on the list.

Madame Renata

The creepy sign of Little Leota at the end of the enchanted mansion it is enough to earn him the seventh place in this list. Small and adorable, but with a creepy twist? This is the essence of the enchanted mansion. Hurry up baaaaack! Hurry up baaaaaaack!

Hurry up baaaaaack!

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Okay, let us know about this. The caregiver’s dog. It may seem like an unusual choice, but we are very sorry for this guy! He deserves something for all his problems, so he gets sixth place.

© Disney

Okay, enough play, it’s time to talk about the big hitters. The ghost Hatbox it was a technological puzzle that Disney Imagineers took almost 50 years to solve. This ghost represents a triumph after decades of hard work and experimentation. Plus, he’s just a funny character!

HatBox Ghost © Disney

At number four on this list is Constance Hatchaway, who has a reputation for … messy divorces. Known for killing all of her former husbands, this character has an interesting background story and is one of the most legitimate scary characters in the enchanted mansion.

You will find Constance in the attic

Although hitchhiking ghosts don’t show up until the end of the trip, they’re sure to make an impact! In fact, George, Ezra and Gus are memorable enough to get one of the top three on our list, especially with the fun screenings at the end of the trip!

Beware of ghosts hitchhiking!

The number two spot corresponds to a character you don’t see but hear. The ghost host he is the narrator of the enchanted mansion and gives life to the whole journey with his descriptions, jokes and iconic voice.

A portrait of the ghost host

Madame Leota he is our number one character in the enchanted mansion, because of course. Who else? There are many reasons to put it at the top of our list. First, her resemblance is based on the legendary Imagineer Leota Thomas (her daughter Kim Irvine, is Leota’s face during the holiday overlay) and has the voice of the same Maleficent, Eleanor Audley.

Hello, Leota!

Madame Leota is a testament to the innovators and creators who worked at Disneyland and some of Disney’s first animated feature films.

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No list would be complete without some Honorable mentions! This time, the honorable mentions go to Singing Busts, Ballroom Ghosts and Guy Stuck in a Coffin (voice by the mythical X. Attention).

This is our ranking! Let us know which ones you think are the best Haunted Mansion characters in the comments! We’re always up to date with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more!

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What do you think of this ranking? Let us know in the comments!

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