UPDATE: Disney World Orange County Listed COVID-19 Hotspot

To ensure that we are equipping our readers with all the information they need, we will continue to report any travel, security, and COVID-19 news that may affect a visit to Disney parks.

Although Disney World reopened just over a year ago, things have not yet completely returned to “normal.” As the pandemic spread, Disney updated its health and safety measures to help keep people safe. We recently reported that the White House COVID-19 report listed Orange County (where Disney World is located) as a “fast-rising” county.

We’ve been monitoring health and safety changes at Disney World

Ara, We have an update to share about the state of Florida in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the White House labeled Orange County as a COVID-19 access point to the latest COVID-19 community profile report.

Disney’s health and safety policies continue to change

A community receives a hotspot designation when it has one “reached a threshold of disease activity considered high load,” according to the Orlando Sentinel. This week alone, the Florida Department of Health reported 13,530 new cases of coronavirus among Florida residents.

Weekly Florida Positive Case Rate © Orlando Sentinel

To explain this update in more detail, here’s a breakdown of a “quick lift” designation and a “hot spot” designation:

Rapid Riser County:

  • 100 new cases in the last 7 days
  • 0% change in the 7-day incidence
  • -60% change in the 3-day incidence
  • 7-day incidence ratio / 30-day incidence ratio> 0.31
  • One or both of the following activation criteria:
    (a) Change> 60% in the 3-day incidence,
    (b) Change> 60% in the 7-day incidence

Disney World Health and Safety Signage

Please note that the purpose of the hotspot designation is to identify communities that have reached a hotspot threshold.
disease activity that is considered high load.

Mask signage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Access point:

  • > 100 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants Or> 500 new cases last week
  • Number of days in the downward trajectory of the case ≤ 7 days
  • > 50 cases during the last week
  • Conditions must be maintained for at least 3 of the previous 5 days

We will keep an eye on the changes!

As the situation changes, we will continue to keep a close eye on Orange County, Florida, and provide more updates as they become available. In the meantime, stay tuned for more Disney-related news and information.

The Omicron COVID-19 and Disney World variant: what you need to know

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