50 times you can’t help but smile at Disney World

There are a million reasons to smile while on vacation at Disney World! Today we plan to highlight fifty of these moments in honor of the 50th anniversary of Disney World.

Cinderella Castle

Hopefully these remind you of a memorable moment from a recent vacation or maybe a moment of an upcoming trip that you are looking forward to! Enjoy!

Plan, get there and just be there!

When you click the “Book Now” button on the Disney World website.

We can’t forget how exciting it is to arrive at Orlando International Airport!

When you get an early dinner reservation for your favorite restaurant.

‘Ohana is incredibly popular!

Passing under the main entrance for the first time on the way from the airport.

Driving under this arch never ages!

Walking down Main Street, USA. ⁇

Main Street USA during the holidays is especially memorable!

The first time you see Cinderella Castle on your trip.

We are not crying, you are.

Walking through the parks at night!

The parks take on a whole new atmosphere at night!

Find a hidden Mickey.

Do you know where this hidden Mickey can be found?

See the four park icons light up at night.

The tree of life is as magnificent as a beacon of light!

Wake up every morning and remember you’re at Disney World!

Magic Kingdom car park entrance

Putting Minnie’s ears on you during the day.

Do you buy a new pair of Minnie ears every time you visit?

Find the perfect memory!

Decisions, decisions!

Attractions and attractions

Riding your FAVORITE trip!

Is your favorite trip the Everest Expedition?

Realize that you don’t have to wait for this favorite trip.

The joy of watching a short wait is the best feeling!

When you listen to your favorite lines in the pre-show of a trip.

How many of you have read it with the voice of Patrick Warburton?

Launch at Rock n Roller Coaster!

Who else has butterflies in their stomachs just before launch?

The totality of Living with the earth.

Ahhh … so relaxing.

Getting a boarding group for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Being chosen as “that guy” at Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

Hello humans!


When you see your favorite character.

Stitch has a lot of fans!

When you first see Mickey Mouse on vacation!

Hi Mickey!

Pooh and his network of butterflies. That’s all.

The prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.

When Campaneta flies during the fireworks!


Watching the Lion King Festival (these smiles are likely to be accompanied by many tears of happiness).

Lion King Festival

Watching the fireworks!

Whatever your favorite fireworks show, a nightly show will make you smile at least a couple of times!

Feeling the beginning of the parade music.

Who else is excited for the Festival of Fantasy to return in 2022?

Looking at all the Disney KiteTails!

How can you NOT smile at this program?


Grab a bite of your favorite Disney snack!


When someone gives you a snack the size of your face.

We’re looking at you, colossal Pongu Pongu pretzel

As you sit at your favorite Disney World restaurant!

Entering Be Our Guest Restaurant definitely brings a smile to many faces!

Cast members!

When a cast member smiles at you!

We love the cast members !!

When a cast member sends your ship to Peter Pan’s flight with pixie dust.

Peter Pan’s flight

When you meet a creepy cast member at Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror.

Tower of Terror

When a cast member starts asking you (or better yet, your friend) to ask you questions about Rise of the Resistance!

They can be quite intimidating!

Listening to the Dapper Dance.

There’s nothing better than listening to Dapper Dance as you head down Main Street USA

Hear the pattern jokes on the Jungle Cruise!

If you don’t find Skipper’s jokes funny, you’re on deNile.

Watching the members of the custody cast make amazing water art!

Art of Custody

Your tourist hotel

When you first check into your hotel or arrive at the hotel!

There’s nothing better than going to your Disney World Resort hotel for the first time!

When a cast member greets you, say, “Welcome home!”

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

When you enter the hotel room and listen to music from the Disney news channel.

Who else leaves this channel 24 hours a day?

Smelling the lobby of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

* inhale deeply *

Other guests, friends and family

When you see a little boy in a princess dress.

Grand Floridian Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Watching for the first time a big Star Wars fan riding Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run or Rise of the Resistance!

Have you ever seen the reaction of a Star Wars fan when he first enters this room?

See your loved ones smile or just react to being in the parks.

We love meeting families in the parks

When you see someone having fun in the rain!

Rainy days can be a lot of fun if you agree!

Rest and relaxation

Find a nice place in the shade.

There are two types of benches: sunlight and shade.

The moment you enter the air conditioning of a restaurant, a promenade or a shop.

Who else goes to Haunted Mansion over and over again just to enjoy the air conditioning?

When you sit in PeopleMover or on any long trip where you can rest your feet.

Doesn’t this photo seem relaxing?

Walking towards an empty bus!

Isn’t it great to have your first selection of bus seats?

Riding the monorail!

Please stay away from the doors!

Slow down in the middle of your busy day at the park to enjoy all the sights and sounds.

Magical Kingdom

We hope this list of fifty moments has helped you smile today!

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Are you planning a vacation to Disney World for 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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