TUTORIAL: Did you know you can wash your Disney ears ?! Here’s how.

Have you ever dropped yours dear Minnie’s ears in a gross point? always I felt it was time to clean it up pair of ears Do you take every visit to Disney World? (It’s hot and sweaty there and these headbands are sure to turn a little … funky over time, right?)

You will want to keep these beauties clean!

Betcha didn’t know, according to Disney, you can really wash your ears! We are breaking it down step by step to show you how to (safely) wash your ears.

As you probably know, Minnie’s ears (like most Disney merchandise) are NOT cheap, so you may be a little hesitant to approach them water! But color us surprised when we were admiring a newly purchased pair EAROrelles Descents i I saw the washing instructions!

Who needs a bathroom?

Note that for special pairs of ears maybe it would be better wipe them with a damp towel or a cloth However! Now let’s wash!

1. The Spot-Clean method

First, let’s talk about Minnie’s older ears. Most ears have a small label that says “can only be washed on the surface.” If you cut your ear tag, it is probably best to err on the side of caution and avoid the washing machine if you are not sure. From what we’ve seen, almost every pair of ears we have said “only surface washable” on the label.

Don’t put them in the washing machine!

For ears with a label that says “can only be washed on the surface”, we recommend that you use gentle cleaning approach. If you try to clean a pair of plastic ears like these, for example, you can use a damp towel!

You can clean and disinfect with a damp towel!

If you need to clean a pair of cloth ears, Use a soapy cloth to clean the area!

Cleaned up!

Some Minnie ears have illuminated features, such as the new 50th anniversary ears, so you want to be careful not to damage the battery / charging port!

Be careful while cleaning your ears with batteries!

We found it to be the best work in small sections so that the water does not extend everywhere.

2. The washing machine method

Interestingly, the ears that caught our eye with this were bought at shopDisney, not at the parks. The park’s ears have the same smaller tags as the previous ones, but shopDisney’s ears come with a new LONG tag (really, it’s like 6 inches. WHY ?!) specifically labeled as shopDisney. If you look closely, this label has instructions for washing your ears in a washing machine! That’s right, you can put them in the washing machine!

This is a list of information! ⁇

For the demonstration, we used a pair of larger ears. Technically, these ears say “only surface washable” on the label, but we decided to follow the instructions on the new label to see how it works (since they’re basically the same style ears covered in sequins)! First, we decided put our ears in a mesh wash bag (Also known as an underwear bag) so that the ears do not sink into our washing machine.

Grab a mesh wash bag before throwing your ears in the washing machine!

Then we followed the instructions on the long label! According to official instructions, we put our washing machine on smooth cycle and used cold water with detergent (we used a Tide Pod). Also note the label warns against using bleach, squeezing and ironing / washing dry ears. (Really, who’s ironing their Minnie ears ?!) So don’t do these things, obviously.

There they go!

The new labels say the same thing you can dry your ears down, but after putting our ears in the washing machine, we found it best to let them air dry. It’s totally up to you, though!


As mentioned above, these older ears do NOT include new washing machine instructions, however the process of washing these ears in our machine was still a success! If you want to clean an older pair of ears in your washing machine, make sure your ears are free of plastic or electrical wires! When in doubt, be as gentle as possible or simply avoid washing the machine completely if you feel uncomfortable.

We ❤️ Minnie’s ears!

And so your ears will be clean! Definitely our ears felt a little cleaner (and smelled nicer!) With no bad effects. Again, just remember to use your best judgment with this if you try! We hope this little tutorial helps you! Now, if you buy a pair of second-hand ears or want to bathe your old ears a little, you’ll know exactly what to do. In the meantime, stay tuned for more Disney news, tutorials, and updates!

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Have you ever tried to clean a pair of Minnie’s ears? Let us know in the comments!


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