Disney’s latest ridiculously expensive article is worth $ 2 million (Yes, SERIOUSLY).

We’ve seen $ 1,000 ears and $ 300 backpacks, but get ready for the latest Disney article! In Hong Kong Disneyland, the castle was recently reimagined with a completely new look and name. It is now called the Castle of magical dreams!

The Castle of Magical Dreams © Disney

As part of the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland, the Castle of Magical Dreams opened in November 2020. Features of the redesigned castle references to various Disney characters, including Disney princesses and Frozen characters. Now, a The replica of the Castle of Magical Dreams, meticulously done, has come to life, and is made of GOLD.

Hong Kong Disneyland recently unveiled its the first replica of the golden castle of its kind, and you will never believe how much it is worth. Chow Tai Fook, an alliance partner with Hong King Disneyland, created the Castle of Magical Dreams replica of pure gold valued around 16 million Hong Kong dollars, dealing $ 2.05 billion in US dollars. This castle was born on the occasion of the celebration of the first year of the opening of the Castle of Magical Dreams, and more specifically of the jewelry of the castle.

© Disney

The pure gold castle was made over a two-year period by Chow Tai Fook artisans, who are the “Royal Jewelers” of the treasures of the Castle. The castle measures 85 inches high and will serve as a very glamorous photo site for guests! But, this is not just an exhibition element for the park. It will finally be on sale. And whoever becomes the first owner of the Castell d’Or Pur will receive one free lifetime pass at Hong Kong Disneyland.

© Disney

Tim Sypko, senior vice president of operations at Hong Kong Disneyland, said the castle of magical dreams “it symbolizes courage, hope, and possibilities”, And the pure gold castle recreates this symbolism on a smaller scale. He predicted that guests will want to see both the castle of magical dreams and the castle of pure gold when they come to visit them!

© Disney

The pure gold castle “uses the castle of magical dreams as a design project” and its construction was not an easy process. The craftsmen recreated all the details, small and large, from the crown of the Aurora to the pumpkin trainer of the Cinderella.

© Disney

He The team of artisans consisted of more than 50 people who spent a total of 42,248 hours recreating the castle’s miniature version of magical dreams in pure gold. The pure gold content measures as high as 8,692 grams. That’s a lot of gold!

© Disney

The equipment used several different forms of software i 3D printing technology Print 221 different parts by the castle of pure gold. If you look closely, you can see sparks, which were created by electroforming and a minimum of three pounds of diamond dust.

© Disney

The final pure gold castle has a design that includes more than 19,000 tiles and 5,000 bricks, and it is a great success. Just look at all the details!

© Disney

You can find pure gold castles in Enchanted Treasures at Castle of Magical Dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland. Although we do not know how much the castle will be sold, given that it is valued at about $ 2.05 million, we have the feeling that it will not be cheap. I guess it’s time to start saving those pennies (or start wanting money to grow trees, you know, as usual).

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