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An unforgettable year everywhere, 2021 was particularly significant for Spotify. We are excited about what we have provided for producers and audiences alike across new features, innovations and collaborations. As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to look back at some of the progress we’ve made over the last 365 days.

More listeners in more places

We have a much larger audience than ever before. As we make our announcement Q3 2021 earningsAs of September 2021, the number of monthly active users and subscribers on the Spotify platform has increased. 19% compared to 2020 *. This year, we’ve doubled our global footprint Stretched In 92 new markets, Bringing us to a total of 184 markets worldwide. New country Our list includes South Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan and much more across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. This continued expansion means that more people, places and cultures can share music and voices with audiences around the world.

Podcasting for everyone

At Spotify, we believe that podcasting offers creators a huge opportunity to entertain, inspire and inform people around the world. According to Edison Research and our own insider data, we recently surpassed Apple and YouTube in the United States.HThe world’s largest podcast market নম্বর the number one podcast platform that listeners say they use the most.

The appetite for podcasts has grown among listeners, and we’re responding to that demand with a catalog that includes 3.2 million headings *. This is 68% more podcasts (as of September 2021) Compared to the 2020 platform. In the 3rd of this year alone, we’ve launched over 80 O&E podcasts worldwide and throughout the year we’ve signed numerous podcast deals and entered into podcast partnerships with some of the world’s largest producers and favorite entertainment brands. Dax Shepard Armchair specialist, Joe Rogan experience (The world’s number one podcast), and Bad robot. But our passion for podcasts is not limited to the United States this year, we have expanded the podcasts even more. 80 marketsIncluding Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Expanding the possibilities for advertising

When we reported earnings in October, we announced that advertising revenue had increased by 75% year-over-year. And in November, we passed Annual advertising revenue 1 billion euros For the first time. Launches have created new opportunities for advertisers Spotify Audience Network, Our first-of-its-kind audio advertising marketplace that enables advertisers to connect with an audience that enjoys a wide range of music and podcast content. Advertisers now have a way to reach and target listeners to listen to third-party podcasts from enterprise publishers, as well as Spotify original and exclusive podcasts through megaphone and anchor makers. We’ve introduced the purchase of podcast ads at Spotify Ad Studio, our self-service advertising channel that makes it easy for advertisers of all sizes to reach podcast audiences.

Supporting both established and groundbreaking artists

With 380 million listeners On the platform, there is a huge audience to share their new releases with the artists The increase in subscribers has led many great artists, such as Drake and Adele, to the various genres of breaking the Spotify record throughout the year.

Efforts to Spotify Up and support incoming artists continue. We have expanded our exclusive offers to Spotify singles (including Pride, BNA, Latin Heritage Month, R&B, Mint and Holiday programs) and Spotify x Electric Lady We support artists at all levels through events like Live EP Looking fresh (For independent artists), Radar (For emerging artists of the world), Equal (Which increases equality for women in world music) and Billionaires Club.

But in the case of artists, we are not the only way to push the art. We also launched Loud and clear IIncrease transparency by sharing new data in the global streaming economy. And we Expand our chart features To include artists, genres, and local charts. This allows artists and listeners to dive deeper into the data.

Inspiring and enabling creation

To be the best audio network, we know we need to provide our best-in-class experience and content for our listeners. This means new features and new opportunities for manufacturers to connect with their fans. We turned on Spotify Greenroom, Adding live audio as part of Spotify’s ecosystem and giving producers of all kinds another chance to connect more deeply and meaningfully with their fans. We announce in November Findaway Acquisition, A global leader in digital audiobook distribution to accelerate our presence in the audiobook space. We also introduced Spotify Open Access, Which lets listeners listen to third-party content on Spotify. Finally, we’ve partnered with brands of choice Peloton, Netflix, And Delta Bring exclusive experience and curated playlists for our listeners.

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