Disney’s most “alarming” trends for 2022

At Disney World many things have changed over the last two years and are more than just health and safety measures!

Magical Kingdom

While some of the changes are the ones we can back off, there are others that have guests less excited. And, many of them don’t end soon (at least we know that). Tan, Here are some of the alarming Disney World trends you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your 2022 vacation.

Price increases

In 2021, we saw price increases in MANY things other than parks and resorts. For example, the year began with a $ 2 price increase on our beloved spring rolls a Magic Kingdom, i several restaurants have also received a price increase as they have reopened throughout the year.

Now these babies cost MORE!

Also, even the merchandise has become a little more expensive, with Spirit T-shirts and MagicBands raise the price by $ 5 and the already expensive create your own lightsabers at Savi’s workshop for a $ 20 price increase (!!). And that’s just the short list.

MagicBands also cost more now

And while ticket prices aren’t quite up for next year, Disney has defined the additional dates as “more in demand,” which means they now cost more compared to previous years. So, for example, if you’re thinking of going to the parks on Christmas Eve 2022, you’ll end up paying. month per ticket than you would in 2021 because a new date has been considered for maximum prices.

EPCOT Park entrance

Now, it’s important to keep that in mind Price increases are nothing new at Disney World – We can almost always wait something be on the rise. And as travel returns to pre-pandemic levels in the U.S. and demand for parks continues to rise, we will likely see this upward trend continue until well into 2022.

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Fixed price menus

2021 also saw the opening and reopening of several restaurants at Disney World and there was a BIG surprise on some of the menus. In the past, most restaurants have offered a full menu where customers can choose to buy as much or as little food as they want. Of course, this still exists at Disney World, although many menus are still limited. But, we’ve recently been seeing Disney’s trend to create fixed price menus, limiting the number of choices guests can make while dining, even though they charge a high price.

California Grill 50th Anniversary Fixed Price Menu Snacks

You can find fixed price menus right now at Space 220 and EPCOT, California Grill (as part of the 50th anniversary dining experience), Be our guest restaurant i Royal Cinderella Table a Magic Kingdom, i Storybook dinner at Artist Point. Plus, both Chefs from France i The Paris Creperie have an optional fixed price menu. Picking up the pattern here?

Be our guest restaurant

For some, a fixed-price menu is preferable, as you can enjoy the full flavor of the restaurant. But for others, that limits menu options i guarantees you will pay more for dinner when you sit down to dinner at Disney World.

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Less benefits for Disney World Resort guests

The benefits of staying at a Disney World Resort hotel have been evolving since the parks originally reopened in July 2020, and you may find yourself less enjoying your stay today.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Guests of the Disney World Hotel you will no longer receive free MagicBands as part of their stay (although they can get the MagicBands discount before their trip) and Disney’s Magical Express is no longer available from 2022. So now you’re paying for two services that were previously considered “free” when you chose to stay at the Disney property.

Also, many things you might expect to be part of your hotel experience have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. For example, The cleaning service now arrives every two days i Room service is not available in most hotels from this writing.

Hotel room cleaning details

Even the benefits of Disney Park have changed for hotel guests. In 2021, Disney suspended Extra Magic Hours and chose to replace it with a new advantage: Early entry to the theme park. This allows guests to stay at any Disney World hotel enter any park 30 minutes before opening any day of the week. But to really get extra “hours” in the parks, guests have to stay in a luxury resort or villa to take advantage Extended night schedule of theme parks (which are only offered on certain days of the week and in certain parks). So basically, if you want to play (later in the evening, that is), you have to pay. Luxury resorts are far out of the budget of many guests, making them a more exclusive advantage for those who can afford them.

Hollywood Studios entrance

And with the withdrawal of FastPass + at Disney World, now guests only benefit from “skipping the queue” at popular attractions if they choose to purchase a selection of individual attractions, as the shopping window opens at 7am for hotel guests and the park opens for everyone else. Previously, guests at a Disney resort could book their FastPass selections 60 days out, 30 days earlier than those not staying at a Disney hotel. Aside from this early opportunity to pay more than $ 15 per person per trip (which, again, is a new added cost to fit your budget!), The old “benefits” of FastPass being on site are they lose greatly.

Ascent of the Lightning Lane Resistance

As with all of these changes, it’s important to remember that The benefits of Disney World hotels are constantly evolving. In fact, there was a time when Extra Magic hours they were not and hotel guests did not always receive a longer window for FastPass + and dining reservations. And as Disney continues to move toward “normal” operations and capability levels, we can see that these are changing more.

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Planning your vacation is more complicated

There have always been many boxes to check when planning your Disney World vacation, but right now there are still MORE things to remember to do before heading to the most magical place on earth.

It’s not as easy as scanning parks

For example, you need it now for sure both of us a park entrance and a Park Pass reservation for every day you plan to be in the parks and learn the details of Disney Genie + and the selection of individual attractions (Disney is new paid way to “skip the queues” at various attractions) to decide if you will buy it and, if so, how to use it. Month, the jumping park still doesn’t start until after 2 p.m., so you need to keep this in mind when making meal reservations and planning how you will handle the day.

Information on excursions to the park

So while none of them are new to 2022, they still add an extra (complicated) layer to your vacation planning.

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Less Bang for your money

We may be more than a year and a half away from the day Disney World reopened after being temporarily shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still many aspects of parks (and even resorts) that have not returned to “normalcy”. But even without operations returning to pre – pandemic levels, the The cost of going to Disney World has certainly not gone down. However, guests are content to take a little less of their vacation while paying the best prices.

Magical Kingdom

From this writing, several restaurants remain closed (with others with limited hours), many entertainment options are not yet available, parking trams don’t work (but they’ll be back soon!), meet and greet have not returned completely in its “normal” way, and the trip to the park does not start until 14:00 among other things. And while Disney executives have promised the eventual return of fans’ favorite shows and experiences, there’s no official word on when exactly.

The characters’ greetings are still a long way off

Not to mention everything we’ve discussed above: fewer free perks, like MagicBands, Magical Express, FastPass, real hours of extra magic, and more. In ALL cases listed, there is an option to have the same or something similar, but you must pay. So even if you still pay the same price to visit the parks, you’ll get less money until the operations are back to normal. What about the benefits we have to pay now that we didn’t pay before? Well, they seem to be staying here, unfortunately.

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