56 thoughts I had watching ‘Spider-Man 2’ for the first time

The new Spiderman. Spider-Man the movie is coming out so soon!

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But before I can cheer on Tom Holland, I need to see the other Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) To be ready! Just in case … you know.

Anyway, I haven’t seen the OG Spider-Man since it came out in 2002 and … it wasn’t my favorite then or now. So it’s no wonder I’ve never seen Spiderman 2. But all that is changing NOW NOW.

Here we hope it is better than the last! (Although I don’t even know who the bad guy is. I guess James Franco?)

Anyway, let’s roll. Or … explosive websites.

56 thoughts I had watching Spiderman 2 for the first time

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1. The Marvel logo always blows.

2. Oh, a nice summary of the watercolor painting from movie 1, very nice.

3. Spider-Man … is he a pizza delivery man? !!?!? (There is no shadow for pizza delivery humans. You are the real heroes.)

4. Those pizzas would be VERY messy with him flanking them all over the place! Toppings would be everywhere !!!!

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5. Spider-Man can’t rest !!

6. With a name like Octavius, I * assume * that it will be the bad guy.

7. Or James Franco is the bad guy !? Who says that. (Sam Raimi, probably.)

8. Aunt May is a national treasure.

9. I don’t * think * that Tobey or Kirsten are bad actors, but they do NOT have any chemistry.


11. OMG SRA. OCTAVIUS IS AT THE CENTER OF THE STAGE. It’s a great movie now.

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12. Spider-man suit hanging next to a normal suit:

13. “Eat your green vegetables.” LOL okay, it was really fun.

14. I shuddered when I saw the nets catching the flying police car, so maybe I’m starting to get stuck on the … website of this franchise. (I’ll see you outside.)

15. Wow, this usher has too much power.

16. Dear Mary Jane, I have a friend.

17. Two-part reaction to the fall of Spiderman:

1. That fall would probably have killed him right? Or at least hurt him?

and 2. Why can’t Spidey make websites ?!

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18. OH PERE. She can’t hear you.


20. The dead woman is always a good story of bad origin.

21. I am very convinced that he will not let them cut their arms. Dramatic moment of villain emergency at 3..2 … 1 …

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22. “Doctor Strange ?! It was taken. “LOL.

23. JK Simmons is the best part of these movies.

24. IS THE CHIP BROKEN !? Who could have seen this coming !!

25. These original Spider-Man movies really have a lot of bad guys doing monologues, right?

26. What is this, Gringotts ?!

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27. NO AUNT MAY !!!!!

28. Stan Lee !!

29. WHO IS Mary Jane the date of the handsome hero? Good for her.

30. PERE stops trying to eat the food. You are there on commission. Act professionally.

31. WHY is Spidey losing his powers ?! I NEED TO KNOW. Are you connected to Doc Ock in any way? Performance anxiety?

32. AWW Uncle Ben. This is sweet.

33. Okay, so he’s getting away from the mantle of being Spiderman, but I bet he’s called back for the great responsibility of saving Doc Ock’s city.

34. JJ FROM JJ’S DINNER? !!!! A beautiful cameo.

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35. Will you really see this guy kicking his ass ?! Wow! At least I could have asked for help !!! TOM HOLLAND MAI.


37. Look, Doc Ock is making Harmonious boats.

38. James Franco + Doc Ock, the dream villain team he didn’t know he needed.

39. PETER PARKER CONFLICTS. Just get your dress back and be the hero you were supposed to be.


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41. He obviously lies, he obviously loves her. But I also want him to be the spider man and she will marry the boy from NASA and they can live his life. I’m not in favor of them the same way I do with Zendaya and Tom Holland. Am I alone?

42. I really admire Doc Ock’s fashionable choice of just a long leather jacket and shirtless high-waisted pants.

43. I understand, his love for Mary Jane has fueled his Spiderman powers to return. * eye roll emoji *

44. These scenes of action were probably set on fire in 2004.

45. To return the spider’s flashy body as if it were in a pit is too much.

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46. ​​People coming together for Spiderman! Definitely useless, but a nice gesture.


48. “Listen, I’m sorry for brutally murdering your father, but can you relax for a second?” – Peter, basically

49. I like Peter trying to match the bad guy and using his own quotes against him.

50. I think drowning the Harmonious barge will kill Doc Ock, but how will he find the new Spiderman again? That’s the multiverse that will confuse me, right?

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51. Wow Mary Jane is useless in a crisis.

52. Willem Dafoe’s manic laughter and ghost in the mirror … Will we FINALLY get James Franco as a bad guy in the next one?

53. Oh, he broke the mirror, I guess not.

54. … but wait. He found the secret lair. So … maybe ?!

55. MJ will leave that poor, horrible man with a haircut on the altar, won’t he? (Yes.)

56. I will say that the graphics of the flying spider man hold up pretty well.

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Wow, looking at the high rating of Rotten Tomatoes (93% !!!!!!), I’m very clear that this came out long before the MCU Infinity Saga. These movies have no candle in the current Marvel movies, and even when I talk to friends they say they love them for nostalgic reasons, not because they are actually great movies.

I think I liked this one more than the first one: it had a few more comedic moments and it had a slightly better rhythm. That said, I think I enjoyed Willem Dafoe’s manic Green Goblin more than Doc Ock’s. Both are bad for stereotypical comics compared to the more recent bad ones (thinking of Thanos and Killmonger), BUT I’m excited to see them return to “No Way Home.”

I also don’t like MJ and Peter’s relationship with Tobey and Kirsten. It’s not the same chemistry we see today: it’s a painful romantic style of the early 2000s. These films also feel very predictable, which can be said of some, but almost all, of the Newer MCUs.

I feel bad because I really WANT to like these movies because people remember them fondly, but I don’t feel like watching this movie again. I guess that’s what happens when you first watch the newest and best movies? Anyway, two down, one to go! (As for Tobey.)

I give this film a 5.5 / 10.

It’s time for Spiderman 3!

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